James Fox, Malik Delgaty

Men.com Dives Into Fraternity Porn For New College Toga Video

If I was to tell you that a porn scene features a bunch of college-aged men holding red solo cups while watching one of their fraternity brothers get their shit rocked, what website would you automatically assume this video was from?

Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a FraternityX video to me! Yes, I know that many other studios have done frat-themed content before, but FratX kinda has a hold on that specific market nowadays! They are the website for college boy fuck videos, so that’s why I was surprised to see Men.com do their own fraternity video!

In Men.com’s defense, besides the general “frat” theme, this looks nothing like a FratX scene, but you can’t have a video that features a bunch of college bros standing around and circling their friend who is getting ass blasted without us immediately thinking of FratX. Especially since “a bunch of college bros standing around and circling their friend who is getting ass blasted” is essentially the plot of every Frat X scene.

When compared to FratX, this Men.com is a lot cleaner and filmed in a much more professional way. Which is great for someone who likes well-shot studio porn, but probably a bummer for anyone who likes watching porn that looks “real.”

The one big thing this Men video is truly missing is an actual fraternity set. This apartment they’re filming in looks like it has quality furniture and is totally clean. They need to take a note from FratX and create a dirty ass set with Sports Illustrated bikini posters and random marijuana flags covering its walls to make it look like actual college fuck boys live there.

While FratX has a better set, the one thing that the college fuck site definitely doesn’t have is Malik Delgaty! This sexy underwear model, who is tasked with fucking James Fox in this new scene, has been appearing in a lot of Men.com scenes recently and we’ve been jerking our turkey to every single one. I mean, how can you not be obsessed with a man with THAT BODY!?!?

So while FratX definitely makes better college videos, Men is going to always reign supreme if they keep casting heartthrob hunks like Malik!

You can head here to watch the full Tug On My Toga Men.com scene when it drops in a couple of days. In the meantime, head here to watch some other hot college vids from the folks at FraternityX.


1 thought on “Men.com Dives Into Fraternity Porn For New College Toga Video”

  1. Said it before and will say it again. Frat X. Sketchy Sex, and Masqulin are junk due to its streaming problems. Yet other sites these 3 are associated with, don’t have this problem, like Men.com, Noir Male and others. So don’t bother becoming members at those 3 sites.

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