Monday Newcomer Poll: Would You Rather Blow Corbin Fisher’s Charlie or Sean Cody’s Keegan

There’s a hot new British stud over at Corbin Fisher named Charlie, and Sean Cody has debuted their third tattooed newbie in a row, named Keegan.

Charlie is an English lad with a pretty odd accent — he says he’s from London originally but there’s some weird twisting of words in the way he speaks that suggests that he’s not only working class but maybe has some kind of speech impediment?

Anyway, he’s 19, he has catalogue-model good looks and a great body, and for all you tattoo haters, no visible ink.





Next up we’ve got Sean Cody’s Keegan, who’s a big dude with some tattoos, a lot like the last two Monday newcomers we’ve seen, Hoyt and Brennan. What’s going on with all the tattoos at this once more clean cut studio?

Here is Keegan showing off and jerking his very large dick, and bounce around his big low-hanging balls. His smile might need some work.








Now, vote.


[Corbin Fisher: Charlie]
[Sean Cody: Keegan]

2 thoughts on “Monday Newcomer Poll: Would You Rather Blow Corbin Fisher’s Charlie or Sean Cody’s Keegan”

  1. Is is just me or is the quality of guys on Sean Cody going down ever since MindGeek took them over a.k.a. pornhub?

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