Monday Night Balling

So much porn, so little time. Alex Mecum, FX Rios, Dylan Knight, a couple of newbies, and some raw SketchySex.

Now I understand why BelAmi held onto that three-way. Even though The Sword also believes it’s always the right time for porn, they’re still only 24 hours in a day. Here’s just a little sampling of the cum-filled adventures you might have otherwise missed.

First up, a late Mother’s Day gift from Anything with Alex Mecum is always worth watching just because the bristly, handsome, and hung man is that hot and one of the best out there right now. In “Mix it Up” for, Alex and Dylan Knight do just that in a Cirque de Soleil meets the Kama Sutra gay sex manual that’s big on dicks and scenery.

[Watch Dylan Knight & Alex Mecum in “Mix It Up”]

Then, we move onto the latest from Sean Cody before we get Sketchy.

Sean Cody, after a parade of less than stellar solos, finally unveiled a real cutie named Caleb today. Cute yes, if not crushingly vanilla. Then again, we’re not here to date him, we’re here to make a withdrawal from the spank bank. We’ll likey never see it again, but Caleb has pretty, big dick on him and he blows two loads, the second on the lens of the camera. [Watch his trailer]
SketchySex, meanwhile, brings us the tale of Shawn. He describes his debauchery today as, “a blur of fucking, sucking, cock, ass and cum.” Or what they are now calling Mondays at SketchySex, “Need More Dick” Day. [Watch the video]

Finally, a scene from GayRoom’s “Damn That’s Big” with one of my favorite big dicks from “Vegas Hustle”, FX Rios. Taking all of FX is newcomer Kevin Blaise. He already had the Jack Hunter test — and lived. From the looks of things today, Fx and Kevin has a real blast in “Latin Heat”

[Watch Kevin Blaise & FX Rios in “Latin Heat”]

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