More Loads A Leakin’

Gay porn stars home movies with horny twinks, fearless amateurs, and crazy exhibitionists. Always a cellphone. Never a condom.

If “real sex is better than porn” is the touchstone for, then the caveat would be “no one has better sex than a porn star.”

Billy Santoro combined the two for his site with a very seedy amalgamation; if real sex is better than porn and no one fucks better than a porn star, then what could be better than your favorite porn stars having real sex?

Actually, Billy has another caveat. For him, what’s better than your favorite porn stars having real sex is when they have it raw, leak the loads, tape it themselves, and then share it with their friends.

billy-tumblrSeems Billy is not along in his thinking. That’s a lot of folks watching Billy and his porn star pals sharing their videos include including Seth Santoro, Rex Cameron, Asher Devin, Armond Rizzo, Max Cameron, Donny Forza, Myles Landon, and Josh Stone.

tumblr_n8mb1wga1r1tgm0kro1_500Not to mention those crazy amateurs.

As we discussed last time, LeakedandLoaded is the anthesis of commercially produced studio porn so there are no fancy trailers or glossy marketing materials. However, with a bit of cajoling, we did get them to share a few more clips.

[Visit Leaked and Loaded for more]


[Visit Leaked and Loaded for more]


[Visit Leaked and Loaded for more]


[Visit Leaked and Loaded for more]

And tell them, Billy sentcha!

Just between us, which porn star’s home videos would you give a king’s ransom to see?

4 thoughts on “More Loads A Leakin’”

  1. ArmondRizzosTarantulaPussy

    Billy Santorum is so riddled with STD’s they have retarded his brain into thinking that filming in portrait mode is a good idea.

    1. It was a great idea but the content is subpar as no real porn star feel that $40 per clip is worth the trouble.
      Such a shame though- Would’ve loved to see more non-bareback porn stars barebacking in their home movies.

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