This Reality Star Just Revealed The Truth About Masturbating On ‘The Circle’

When you’re watching a secluded reality show like Big Brother, Survivor, or The Circle, I think it’s pretty natural to wonder how contestants that are being filmed 24/7 perform more intimate activities. I mean, if you’re on The Circle, the Netflix reality competition where all of its contestants are in an apartment by themselves for the entirety of the show, and you’re always being filmed, is it even possible to masturbate?

Well, reality contestant John Franklin is here to clear up some confusion about the act of self-pleasuring while on the Netflix show. John, who competed in season four of The Circle, just took to TikTok to answer a fan question about the subject and revealed that during filming, he never once reached in his pants for some solo play.

@johnfranklincomedy Replying to @tylertisdale4 did I ever perform beat it on The Circle? 😱🤯#fyp #foryou #thecircle #thecirclenetflix ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“So I don’t think… There are no rules that we couldn’t, but I promise you that I never did,” spilled John in the video. “I don’t know about anybody else.”

John goes on and explains that when you’re part of the show, “cameras on you and there’s a live microphone on you at all times” and you “never feel totally like you’re doing anything alone” – even when you’re naked in the shower.

“The first day I took a shower in The Circle, they turned the cameras away and I got in the shower and I realized that there was fogged glass for the shower door, but above a certain point it was clear,” revealed the reality contestant. “I start singing in the shower or whatever and next thing I know, I kinda hear the rotation of the cameras and I look and it’s pointed at me.”

@johnfranklincomedy Replying to @mxbrwr its not that easy #thecircle #thecirclenetflix #fyp ♬ original sound – John Franklin

In another video, the former Circle star confirmed that showering isn’t the only bathroom activity that’s sometimes monitored. He says that even when there were small breaks in filming, there wasn’t enough time to actually sneak away for a “quick one” in the privacy of his personal restroom.

“That did cross my mind every now and again, but also you have to remember that while you’re in the bathroom, the cameras might be turned away, but there is a microphone in there,” said John.”

He ended the video by adding that even if you wanted to masturbate, you definitely don’t have access to any any type of porn to help you get the job done. John says that anyone looking to fully bust a nut will have to use some “Ms. Frizzle-level imagination” to get there.

So what do you think of this? Could you be on a reality show where you can’t find time to beat your meat? Would you try and masturbate even if the cameras were on you? Let us know below!


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