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New ‘Masonic Boys’ Site Launches And Seriously Shades Competitor ‘Missionary Boys’

It looks like we’re going to have to update our recent list of the best websites to watch religious porn! A new Mormon-themed gay porn site just dropped and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s essential viewing for any gay man with a Mormon kink.

The site is called Masonic Boys and comes from popular big-dicked porn hunk Legrand Wolf and the rest of the folks over at Carnal Media – the company behind popular fuck sites like Gaycest, Twink Top, and Scout Boys.

In a statement released with the launch of the new studio, Legrand said that the new religious porn site “powerfully captures the eroticism of the older male-younger male dynamic.”

Some of the younger twinks and older daddies we’ve seen so far include popular performers like Austin L. Young, Cole Blue, and Bishop Angus. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the hung Legrand put on his special Mormon underwear and join in on the religious fun just yet, but we’re hopeful that he will make his Masonic debut sometime soon.

In addition to the new content, the launch of this site also some saw entertaining shade being thrown at Masonic Boys’ competitor Missionary Boys. In the official press release announcing the launch of the site, Carnal Media was quick to point out the history of Missionary Boys and even call it “a hollow shell of what it once was.”

Welcome to Masonic Boys, where curious young men are ushered into a secret fraternal order on this new site, a sexy reclaiming of producers Legrand and Jay Wolf’s previous MormonBoyz—a property that was wrested from their control in 2018 and retitled Missionary Boys (now just a hollow shell of what it once was).

Yikes! It seems that Legrand, who departed from Charged Media, the company behind the former MormonBoyz and other sites like Family Dick, a couple of years ago, isn’t afraid to take a jab at his old studio. (We’re still not 100% exactly sure why Legrand left and formed his own collection of studios, but comments like these pretty much confirm that the situation is still very messy!)

After the “hollow shell” Missionary Boys shading, the press release goes on to emphasize that this new Masonic site will be going back to its MormonBoyz roots and will heavily feature a lot of the “original” material that drew fans to the site in the first place. Legrand says:

Because our original site ignored nearly all elements of corporate Mormonism and focused on its Masonic roots, the narrative and rituals on our relaunched site are the same. But now there’s an added layer because this element is richer and much older than Mormonism itself. And what this means is our fans will instantly recognize our content with its aesthetic, the famous original sets, the original iconic wardrobe, and the original cast of models that made the site unforgettable, all now Carnal Media exclusives!”

So I guess if you were once a huge MormonBoyz stan and your cock has been craving some of that old content recently, you should check out this new Masonic Boys site. It seems that they’re really hellbent on giving you that classic Mormon porn that’ll make you cream your crispy white temple garments.

So what do you think? Are you entertained by the gay porn drama? Have you ever watched a video from MormonBoyz? Have you ever watched a video from Missionary Boys? Are you going to watch videos from Masonic Boys?

Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts and head here to get 50% off a one-month membership at the new Masonic Boys site.


12 thoughts on “New ‘Masonic Boys’ Site Launches And Seriously Shades Competitor ‘Missionary Boys’”

  1. I have to admit to grabbing quite a few garment wearing screen grabs from your former site! Just for personal use or posting, of course. I am super turned on by the whole Mormon Mystique and in particular the wearing of Sacred Temple Garments (aka g’s). I wear my Corbans 24/7. Unfortunately for me, when the g’s come off (as they mostly do in the first 2 minutes), I turn off which, in turn, means I also turn off the video. Watching 2 guys perform the formulaic naked gay porn sex acts does almost nothing for me–not even the “money shot” which I might occasionally fast forward more out of curiosity than lust. I realize most of your paying audience wants them naked and fucking like rabbits as fast as possible, but so does every other porn site on the internet–not that I’ve seen them all but enough to suspect. Seeing the garment leg seam through his white temple clothing, seeing a Corban (nylon) garment on either participant, seeing their “celestial smile” and then seeing the garment revealed are all major turn-ons for me. I know I’m not alone in this whole garment fetish area. I personally like to shoot my load into my garment and fantasize about shooting mine into another guy’s garment while he’s wearing it. If you want a list of script suggestions, just ask! Funny, I just happened to watch “Boogie Nights” last night on Netflix. BTW, I’ve worked with PTA before. I can only imagine what you guys went through with Momon Boyz but maybe we will see it on Netflix before too long?


  3. As a former Mormon missionary, I enjoyed my subscription to the old MormonBoyz site, reliving a lot of great fantasies and experiences. The newer version pales in comparison, so I’m very curious about the Masonic take on it.

  4. I liked the religious ritual part of Mormonboyz and then Missionaryboyz when they lost that they lost me. It wasn’t just about older men and young men for me. I would like more of a mix up in the men with the boys, don’t want it to get predictable.

  5. Honestly I could skip the twinks. Please every now and then just feature the hot hairy, older hunky huge cock daddies on the site messing with each other!

  6. Great article. Also, thank you for your kind words!

    Btw, if you would like to know what happened, and how we lost control of our company and the websites that we created and owned, just ask. It’s a cautionary tale involving characters still active in the industry (though less and less so), and whose illegal and shady history is still in the shadows. And after a recent legal victory, my husband and I no longer have to keep quiet. So reach out so you can stop wondering.


    Legrand Wolf

    1. I know it’s personally tolling on you and all involved, but it sounds like it would make the ultimate comeback for Ryan Murphy’s anthology show Feud and especially if it could be on Netflix it could be a hell of a show and give lots of young gay actors some incredible work for awhile too. Consider selling the rights to the story to him.

      1. As somebody who was terrorized by Jehovah’s witnesses as a teenager, thanks to family members, I would love to see some Jehovah’s witness legal boys and men done the same way as Masonic boys and the forefather websites.

    2. I know it’s personally tolling on you and all involved, but it sounds like it would make the ultimate comeback for Ryan Murphy’s anthology show Feud and especially if it could be on Netflix it could be a hell of a show and give lots of young gay actors some incredible work for awhile too. Consider selling the rights to the story to him.

  7. I didn’t mind the content Missionary Boys came out with but their conversion of the older MormonBoyz content was klunky. Although to their credit, their support team did respond to issues I raised. None the less, looking forward to Masonic Boys content given the expansion beyond just the Mormon themes.

  8. I agree that the site was much better in the old MormonBoyz dayz…. the relaunching as Masonic Boys should be interesting.

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