Phillip Aubrey Aroused By Eating, Belching

The full interview is at XX Factor. And if you haven’t already, click here to watch Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed (pictured below) play The Newlywed Game. Then watch them fuck here. Also, meet Phillip’s pro soccer player twin.

XX Factor: What’s the best thing about your penis?

Phillip Aubrey: The best thing about my penis I guess would be its shape. I’m a grower, not a shower, which is irritating at times. But its a good 8.5 thick and nice color and shape.

XX: What will give you an orgasm that makes you levitate?

PA: Levitating orgasm? Well, I’m completely versatile. Spencer Reed is my partner who just turns me on, on every level. When he is intimate and kisses me while he grinds against me,he hits every spot in my body. It’s the intimacy that really fuels my engine if you know what I mean.

XX: What fetish do you have that we might not see in your movies?

PA: Secret fetish? I really like my feet played with. Love my toes to be sucked. But the big hush hush is I have a serious food fetish. Nothing turns me on more than playing with food, desserts, cakes, pasta, etc.

XX: What is the fastest way to get you into bed?

PA: Tell me you love me. Just kidding. Someone who puts a fight for me, who takes the extra effort when out on date. For example, if I’m sure the person will be there when I wake up and not ditch me right afterwards. I don’t go jumping into bed with just anyone.

XX: Do sex partners (or potential sex partners) relate to you differently when they know you make porn films?

PA: Yes they do, as a matter of fact. They either look at you as a simple piece of ass or they are intimidated or repelled. They sometimes are both attracted and repelled. Until my relationship now, which is great by the way, I was pretty lonely for quite some time. Being with someone who is in the industry is different but also comforting because I’m not judged whatsoever.

XX: What’s the biggest lie anyone ever told you, or you ever told someone else, in order to have sex?

PA: Someone used a fake accent with mem made me believe they were from Spain or somewhere exotic and when we were done he played it off as if it was funny. So awful to think you hooked up with something cross-country and then find out he’s just some guy from Nebraska.



XX: What is it about a person’s body that most makes you weak in the knees?

PA: This may sound weird, but I love the space between a mans pecs. That and the happy trail on a nice stomach. It drives me up the wall. That alone can get my rocks off. I really like feeling the scruff of a man’s beard on my face. Makes me feel like I’m in the arms of a real man-baby.

XX: Where is the most daring place you have ever had sex? What did you do there?

PA: Having sex in a train bathroom and being jacked off in the seat on a train from DC to New York. It was thrilling to me.

XX: When did you lose your virginity? Who with?

PA: Believe it or not, I lost my virginity when I was 16 to a girl named Jordan. Go figure. The girlfriend after that was named Cody. Are you seeing where this is going? All boy names.

XX: Share something personal or amusing that reveals your human side.

PA: I really get turned on when I hear a man belch or burp. It’s burly and just wrong on so many levels, but it’s real and I love the thought of how much a person can consume to make them do that. Hahaha. Isn’t that so weird?

XX: How did you and Spencer become partners? How does it impact the dynamic of a relationship when both partners work in adult XXX?

PA: Spencer and I met on a double date. We were wildly attracted to each other and we took it very slow, but things really gave way the beginning of this year 2010. It really doesn’t change the dynamic at all. He’s very professional and yes, sometimes I’m sure it bothers him like it bothers me when he’s away or I am on a gig. But he comes home to me and I to him and we are happy. We trust each other and I’m very proud of him and happy for his success. And it works. Outside of the industry we have a normal relationship. We do everything together. I wasn’t alive really till I met him. He satisfies me on every level, good and bad. I’ll take it all.

XX: Do you have a job now apart from porn? What did you do before porn?

PA: I actually have two jobs. I work part-time for an all males clothing store in Washington, DC, which is gay owned and operated. I love the people I work with. I also work for a cocoa bar/wine bar and we specialize in making all the chocolate and truffles, etc., ourselves there. It’s a total European style chocolate shop here in our nation’s capital. And I love it. Until I get my license for yoga and health it works and I enjoy it.



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