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WATCH: Popular OnlyFans Models Post Hardcore Fuck Videos For New Ad Campaign

A new campaign from MISTR, an online service that provides free online PrEP and at-home STI testing, is enlisting the help of six popular gay porn and OnlyFans performers. In a range of social media posts, the models can be seen promoting the service while talking about “My MISTR” to deliver what is probably the most explicit ad campaign we’ve ever seen.

“‘My MISTR’ is a campaign we launched to engage the community on Twitter,” MISTR CEO Tristan Schukraft told Plus. “Being that our service provides free PrEP online, working with those on OnlyFans and other adult content creators seemed like a no-brainer. If we truly want an [HIV and AIDS]-free generation, it’s going to require innovative and bold ideas. Others might shy away from a campaign like this, but we wanted to meet the community where they’re at and work with those that lead a lot of the conversation surrounding sex.”

The models involved in the new MISTR campaign include studs like Zac Snow, Mitchy, Jaesyun, Adam Russo, Luke Truong, Jkab Ethan Dale, and DamagedBttm. Starting a couple of weeks back, each of these performers started posting their own MISTR-branded videos that feature them jacking off, deepthroating, or bottoming. Since being published, the videos have earned almost a combined 100,000 views on Twitter.

“Our goal is and will always be to get members of the LGBTQ+ community on PrEP,” Schukraft continued. “‘My MISTR’ is meant to be fun, engaging and a quick reminder to those having sex that there is an opportunity to get PrEP online for free through MISTR. The campaign is ongoing, we’ll continue to expand the creators we’re working with and do what it takes to get as much of the community on PrEP as we can.”

Take a look below at some of our favorite videos from the #MyMISTR campaign and head on over the MISTR website to get more information on all of their services:

Recent Falcon Studios star Luke Truong:

OnlyFans model Jaesyun:

One of our favorite daddies Adam Russo:

Social media favorite DamagedBttm:

Justin Bieber look-a-like Mitch:

Muscle man Jkab Ethan Dale:

Falcon stud Zac Snow:


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