Prince Royce

Prince Royce Rips His Pants & Flashes Ass As Captain America

It looks like Reno Gold isn’t the only one channeling the MCU for their 2022 Halloween costume. While Reno tackled characters like Spider-Man and Hulk though, pop star Prince Royce has instead decided to take on Captain America for what we think is the sexiest costume of 2022.

In an Instagram post shared to his 14.4 million followers, the Back It Up artist can be seen rocking the Captain American uniform that looks a lot like the traditional Chris Evans costume from the MCU, but with one key difference – it’s ripped in the back and showing off the singer’s entire ass crack. Talk about America’s ass! Take a look below:

Prince Royce Prince Royce Prince Royce

WOO! I fully did not expect to see Prince Royce’s pants ripped for some easy access with his entire ass hanging out this Halloween, but I’m definitely not mad about it. Take a look at some more hot photos of this heartthrob below and be sure to let us know what you think of his costume down in the comments!

Prince Royce Prince Royce Prince Royce Prince Royce Prince Royce


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