Clark Reid, Jake Preston

Real-Life Couple Jake Preston & Clark Reid Party Like it’s 2069

We’re still celebrating the new year here at The Sword, but at it’s feeling more like 2069 than 2024! That’s thanks to real-life couple Jake Preston and Clark Reid, who you may have seen together frequently on their fan sites but now bring their scorching passion together to a studio scene!

This scene dropped right after the new year, and it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it already—not just for the hot couple, but also for the fun positions they work themselves into! Jock Jake is in a mood to blow off training to jack off, but coach Clark won’t let him get off (well, get off yet, anyway). He demands some pushups from the twink, and soon decides to slurp on the cutie’s very big dick before we get load #1. After some training, the two swap sucks—and we get a standing 69 with Jake upside down as he slurps on the muscle man’s meat.

Jake Preston Clark Reid, Jake Preston

Clark Reid, Jake Preston

Jake then pounds Clark from behind before we get a reverse pileriver, where we get a great shot of Jake’s big balls slamming that muscle ass. The bottom gets on his back for more, squirting as he gets pounded before Jake lets go of his second hot load. I love when we get to see a real-life couple show off their chemistry on camera. Maybe we can see Clark top Jake next?

Clark Reid, Jake Preston Clark Reid, Jake Preston didn’t release a proper trailer for this scene, but here are three hot clips (including the 69, the piledriver and a hot face fuck that Jake delivers to Clark…which part is your favorite?).

See the full scene at!


15 thoughts on “Real-Life Couple Jake Preston & Clark Reid Party Like it’s 2069”

    1. It might be floating around, but as a founding member of APAG I get some comps (not saying which) and I pay for the others (still not telling)

      1. Universal Potentate

        In the 3rd video, second 22-32, Jake’s dick looks really shiny and seems to have a band hiding under his balls.
        They have condoms now that don’t have the obvious halo halfway down your dick.
        I could be wrong but porn scenes need to have a clear insertion and removal so that we can see if it’s bareback, or not.

        1. I’m going off the full video with insertion and exit shots, unedited. It’s clear he’s not wearing a condom, in any of it.

          1. Universal Potentate

            Ohhh!!! I’m guessing that’s the American Archives Photography Group, not the American Pakistani Advocacy Group.
            Unless you mean the American Policy Advisory Group which is a division of NATO. Now THAT would be truly pornographic!

          2. Sometimes you make me want to scream like a white lady! No, it’s the Adult Performance Artists Guild

          3. Universal Potentate

            Google didn’t list that one on the first page.
            And I’m just glad it’s a guild and not a group.

    1. Cute couple but they make soooo much content with just the two of them, it feels stale after a while. Would love to see Clark getting railed by some hung, black tops.

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