Remember This Muscle Couple From Kristen Bjorn?

Here’s a fun memory test for you older gay porn fans: Remember Max Duran, who made his debut way back in 2010 in the Kristen Bjorn movie Action? The Spanish muscle man was hot back then, and he’s only gotten better with age.

Max took a few years off before resurfacing at Titan and Lucas Entertainment in 2010, and since then has performed sporadically at various (mostly European) studios, having bigger years in 2015, ’16 and ’18. Now he’s making his first appearance in a U.S.-based studio in six years, and he’s brought along hot Italian BF Roni Yarz with him (Roni has the darker beard and is getting fucked in the pic above).

Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz

Roni made his debut with Max at Butch Dixon back in 2019, then took a few years off before being “reintroduced” in the Casting Couch series at Kristen Bjorn. The two also film fan content together (and have a joint Twitter account), and now they are together at an American studio for the first time in this hot threeway at CutlersDen—where they both show off their juicy uncut cocks.

Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz

They’re joined by Cutler X, and Max looks mighty sexy on his knees slurping up those two big cocks—and is then joined by Roni as the two make a spitty mess worshipping Cutler’s beast. Along the way, they both find themselves in the middle of a spit roast, and getting fucked by Cutler in various positions. Roni looks gorgeous on his back (that chest!), his girthy cock hard as a rock as he takes it. We also get some hot DP action (I think with Roni taking it, although it’s not quiet clear in these shots).

Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz Cutler X, Max Duran, Roni Yarz

A lot of great visuals here, including Roni sucking Max’s hard cock as Cutler fucks Max at the same time; and Max jerking Roni’s boner as Cutler fucks Roni. What do you think of this hot muscle Euro couple?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


4 thoughts on “Remember This Muscle Couple From Kristen Bjorn?”

  1. Hello, America? We are coming to make gay porn, please book us with your least attractive bald man so we don’t look way beyond our prime.

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