Ricky Roman, Andy Adler

Ricky Roman Delivers The Best Denim Dicking Of The Year

We honestly never thought that “Best Denim Dicking of the Year” is a title we would ever be able to honor someone with, but that’s all changing now thanks Ricky Roman in the latest bareback scene from NakedSword Originals and director Marc MacNamara.

For the video, we’re placed in front of a literal wall of denim as we watch Ricky break out that Wrangler wiener for NakedSword Originals newcomer Andy Adler to suck and fuck. Once the two have fully stripped out of their layers of blue, Ricky pounds his Calvin cock into Andy’s tight hole while the bottom lays in a pile of loose fabric. The duo even utilizes a jean-covered chair throughout their denim dick down with Ricky ultimately finishing off the fuck by unloading his creamy cum in Andy’s mouth. Take a look below at some shots from this Levi’s lay:


Got any hot thoughts? Have you ever fucked somewhere as strange as a room made of denim? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to watch this full denim dicking, be sure to click on over to NakedSword.com!

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        1. She was smart to get that chest tattoo to give the illusion she had a perky chest, but girl we can see through that. Dem saggy tits.

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