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Dull & Duller

Robert may have been little more than potted plant who could get his dick hard at Sean Cody Saturday but compared to this guy Grayson …

Even in his solo, between showing off his ass and that Southern drawl, Robert showed some potential in that a little too clean for “Active Duty” kind of way. Then we watched his first hardcore scene with Curtis. Especially for a newbie, his cock was rock hard and he fucked himself and Curtis to four sizeable loads. Ditto on Saturday. What was missing was any shred of personality. But hey, it’s Sean Cody, not “the Dating Game” and creampies count for something around there.

robert sean cody
Robert definitely has the mechanics down. Unfortunately Saturday, he delivered it just that way: mechanically. But hey, he gets hard, stays hard, fucks hard and cums big. The only drag is he could have been replaced by a potted plant with a boner – except a potted plant would have likely stuck out more.

robert sean cody
Still, a hard top is a good top. It’s Sean Cody, not “the Dating Game”.

[Watch “Dean & Robert: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

Then today, after enduring Grayson, it wasn’t like an episode of Sean Cody’s The Dating Game, it was more like Sean Cody Survivor

robert sean cody
“I’m a little voyeuristic when it comes to my body and sex,” is how Grayson starts out in monotone delivery that made me wish for an even dead plant to liven things up even after his clothes came off.

robert sean cody
On paper, a description of Grayson doesn’t sound bad but all together, I don’t think anyone is going to find Grayson anywhere remotely close to as hot as his finds himself.

[Watch Grayson’s full movie]

1 thought on “Dull & Duller”

  1. I’d definitely bend over or spread ’em wide for Grayson! You don’t get fucked by personality. Rockin’ bod, nice thick dick, loves to breed butt — what’s not to love? Seems like one of those guys who lets his cock do his talking, becomes a force of nature and doesn’t stop until he’s planted his seed!

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