Rod Daily Is A Total BILF

The 2012 presidential campaign shifted into high gear last night when gay porn superstar Rod Daily officially announced his support of likely GOP candidate Donald Trump. “TRUMP for prez,” Daily boldly tweeted, and while some may disagree with his choice in politicians, Daily’s still a BILF (Birther I’d Like To Fuck).

Even though Donald Trump is perpetually broke thanks to an endless string of failed casinos and garish high-rises, Daily took to his Twitter to explain his support by calling Trump “a business man.” And now that one of gay porn’s most prolific performers has thrown his weight behind one of our nation’s most prolific bankruptcy filers, who will endorse whom next? Dawson Riley for Michelle Bachmann?

Porn stars and politics are always a dicey mix, but there’s nothing sexier than a man with convictions, and Rod Daily really loves The Donald! Here’s how he spent last night on the internet, defending Trump while sharing his own political views:

Why he supports Trump: “He has some great points and he is tied for first in GOP with Huckabee. He’s a business man ;-).”

How Trump will handle national defense: “He will get us out of these three dumb ass wars.”

On the energy crisis: “It’s funny that every time anything happens in the middle east all the sudden that’s where we get our oil from and gas goes up; we have enough oil in the gulf coast to support all of America.”

On gay marriage: “Gay marriage will ultimately be up to the supreme court does not matter who prez is.”

On gay rights: “Gay people have to stand up for themselfs and make shit happen.”

On health care: “Social medicine would be great!!! Pharmacudical companys and insurance companys rape us in this country.”

On who was really behind 9/11: “Bush took down the towers.”

On whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States: “Am I born here or was I?; I don’t care if he was born here or not he is pres now so if he wasn’t greatest scam in American history.”

So, Rod Daily is a socialist-libertarian-truther-birther who also happens to suck a mean dick. Daily/Trump 2012!



33 thoughts on “Rod Daily Is A Total BILF”

  1. I bet that most of his decision to back Trump is probably due to him being a fan of the Apprentice and nothing more. Way to fill the stereotype of porn stars being uneducated Rod.

  2. “On gay marriage: ‘Gay marriage will ultimately be up to the supreme court does not matter who prez is.'”

    Someone should tell him that Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the president.

  3. I love how Rob Romoni has gotten his g-string all twisted in a knot over this story. It seems he’s a bit envious of the guys at The Sword. His writing is terrible and he certainly does not understand “tongue in cheek” satire.

    Maybe Romoni and Rod Daily got their GED’s from the same night school?

  4. Come on you guys, lighten up. He’s still hot, and that’s all that matters in the context of what he does for a living.

    If this was a porn star inarticulately expressing his support for someone you agreed with politically, would you be so harsh?

    1. That was my point earlier in the thread. Actually *this* makes him not hot to me so yes, in his line of work, it does matter.

  5. Proving ONCE AGAIN the dangers of propagating the Whole G4P culture . Donald wouldn’t even let his Dogs touch Rod daily and that’s something. Any self respecting Gaymen who spend even a $ on this “Rod” character is shooting themselves on their leg. Rod ,F.0 Never liked him anyways.

  6. That clip is hilarious. You can almost hear the voice inside Rod’s little head saying “Look at me! I’m a business man. I’m talking about numbers!” He’s almost as credible as an actual businessman as Trump is, however. Stick to counting your escorting money and illegitimate kids, Rod.

  7. People are not entitled to their opinions, they are entitled to their informed opinions. Clearly Rod is uninformed..

    1. Rod needs to at least take some courses in civics or political science before he spews his political views.

      Though because of this I’ll bet that there’ll be a line of GOProud Republican-types willing to pay $$$ for his services now.

  8. At one point I might have hired him to bend over, but now there’s no way I’d give him my money. Rod, if you’re reading this (or more likely, having someone read it to you): shut the fuck up. You’re stupid and no one wants to hear your illogical opinions. We like seeing you with your ass split open and that’s it.

  9. Guys I don’t even think Rod Daily even knows what a republican is. Judging his writing and speaking skills, it wouldn’t surprise me if Rod wasn’t just a tad bit um……..”special”. I think dumber than a box of hair may be aiming too high, put a coloring book and box of crayons in front of Rod and he will be happy.

    1. I think it just further proves that the only two NDS guys with an IQ above 75 are Samuel O’Toole and Austin Wilde. I’m not saying they are the most intelligent porn performers ever but they seem to be able to form complete sentences, spell word correctly, and deserve much better than they studio they signed with…so maybe they aren’t that bright.

      1. “spell word correctly” hey numb nutts, when talking about ones IQ and grammar u should get ur own correct.

  10. Also, Rod Daily is in no danger of being asked to host a show on C-Span or NPR. So, it’s a good thing that porn career is working out!

  11. You know, I’m not one of those people who thinks entertainers shouldn’t have opinions. I just think it’s a little early in the game to start talking 2012 hopes & dreams. We don’t even have a list of people who have declared yet.

    1. You don’t have to have a list of everyone running to know who is unacceptable/ridiculous/offensive as an option.
      And I wouldn’t want to censure anyone but it is our right – if he chooses to share his opinions with us – to judge and criticize an entertainer who goes there. Particularly when he works in a line of work that, ironically, would be in danger if his favored candidate had his way.

      1. Oh, I agree with you there. I think when people are being dumb, you have a right to call them out. I just think, you know, it’s a little early for performers to start alienating their fanbases. I was hoping we could make it to at least fall before I had to add people to the naughty list.

  12. I guess that baby and girlfriend/fiance/wife has brought out his conservative tea bagger streak. He is a military brat after all.

    1. I remember in 2008 one of our porn stars had spoken publicly about his support for John McCain. Does anyone remember who that was? I think it was covered in whatever blog Zach had the time. Does anyone remember who it was? I don’t mean Matt Sanchez, I mean a young-ish pornstar that was active at the time.

    1. Ironically, it is not so much that he is a Republican (also that is a turn-off too) than the fact he would support at the same time a Republican candidate (with some simplistic Fox Republican talking points and indifference to gay issues thrown in there) at the same time he wants a public health care system, some 911 trutherism and a end to all wars. Wtf?
      I loathe Tea Party ideology and those people are more than fact-challenged but at least their non-sense is, well, coherent. They hate government and that colors everything – to the point of insanity sometimes.
      Setting aside the moral validity and right/wrongness of it, this babble from Daily makes zero sense on its own term.
      Of course, sadly, I suspect this is the level of sophistication and logic to be expected from many voters these days.

  13. After reading that the clip did nothing for me. Donald is a homophobe and probably wouldn’t piss on Daily if he was on fire.

    1. I didn’t think it was possible to like him less but he has proven me wrong. He is possibly more annoying than that Cody Cummings dude.

    1. (Stands up and applauds scott’s comment)

      Rod Daily is entitled to his opinion…as is any other porn performer. However, those performers who do express opinions NOT related to gay4pay sex, dildoes, or leather gang bangs need to remember one very important thing—your audiences do not care if you can string more than three words together in a quasi-coherent sentence, let alone have an opinion over who should be in charge of the Executive Branch. Daily has shown on camera that he will fuck or get fucked by pretty much anyone on the performance side of the porn business….he needs to stick with that and leave the punditry to people who stay fully dressed on camera.

      1. You both are fucking retarded. Rod’s views are obviously skewed and he is an idiot. But comparing every other porn performer to him is just as ridiculous.

        1. starbootylicious

          OH MY GOD! Is it THE RUPAUL? I am star struck. I cannot believe I’m sharing the same gay porn comment board as you!

          I put my parents through the Dragualtor ipad app. My parents and I cracked up!

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