Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

Ruslan Angelo Just Did Something He Hardly Ever Does

We’ve seen Ruslan Angelo do a lot of things (and a lot of dudes!) since his re-entry into the gay porn world in 2017, from huge orgies to gang bangs to double penetrations (and a dildo DP!) to fuck trains and spit roasts galore. But in his newest scene, we get to see him do something he’s rarely done before.

Since 2017, Ruslan has performed primarily at Lucas Entertainment (his first few years, that was the only place we saw him). We hardly ever see him venture to other studios, but it does happen on occasion—whether at MenAtPlay or (a great scene with Sir Peter, which sort of makes it a Lucas scene anyway). But now we get to see Ruslan truly branch out!

Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

I love when we get unexpected pairings like this new one at CutlersDen, Ruslan’s first ever at the studio. He’s paired with (of course) Cutler X himself, and the top’s huge dick manages to test the power bottom’s skills (which is saying something considering how much, ahem, experience Ruslan has). Ruslan’s mouth gets stretched to the limit, and I love seeing his face all contorted as he tries to take it (that face fuck from Cutler is hot as hell).

Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

He then offers that smooth hole for the taking, biting his own forearm as he gets plowed doggy. The bottom then gets pinned to the floor, stroking and showing off his own boner as he takes it (how many bottoms can stay stiff taking it from Cutler?!). His schlong also bobs like crazy when he sits down on the hung top (slamming against Cutler’s stomach), and he stays nice and plump when he takes it on his back and side (remind me again why Ruslan wasn’t nominated for Hottest Bottom at the Grabbys?!).

Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

What do you think of Ruslan’s rare foray outside of Lucas Entertainment? Do you like seeing different studios joining together to give us pairings we hardly ever get to see?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!

12 thoughts on “Ruslan Angelo Just Did Something He Hardly Ever Does”

  1. I understand I might be in a minority of opinion here, but I find that clip just…grotesque, in a way. While the sheer enormity of a penis is definitely a “thing” for some, for me it’s just “distracting,” and not particularly sexy.

  2. Universal Potentate

    That’s not exciting.
    If he’s topping Cutler, that would be interesting.
    If he’s double fisting himself, that would be interesting.
    If he’s getting fucked while blowing himself, that would be interesting.
    Getting fucked by exactly 1 hung black dude? That’s called Tuesday afternoon for Ruslan.

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