#CelebrityCock: Ryan Cooper

As if Ryan Cooper’s face and body weren’t wet dreams all by themselves, wait until you see the rest.

Ryan Cooper is the son of Australian missionaries was born in Papua, New Guinea in 1983. He was discovered in 2008 and gained international fame in a campaign for DKNY Jeans. He went on to score high profile gigs for Hugo Boss, Armani Exchange, and Espirit to name just a few.

His leap to the small screen happened in 2013 when he played Bruce Hunter in the soap “One Life To Live”. In 2014, he became a regular on “MTV Eye Candy” and has also appeared on “Exile” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

Get as Big as you like… I'll still rock you to sleep anytime you need. AML #happy3months

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In real life, he’s married to model Lizzy Barter and became the ultimate DILF this year when his daughter Grace Rose was born.

ryan cooper nakedIn “The Deleted”, we got an eye full of his delicious globes.

ryan cooper nakedAnd Ryan was profiled earlier this summer in OUT along with a VPL-accompanying photo shoot discussing his role as the sexy, slain stripper in the film “Rough Night”.

Speaking of “Rough Night”…

What was inside Ryan’s undies …
ryan cooper naked
… was something you didn’t see

Until this footage of this now deleted scene surfaced on ausCaps

The sum of his parts …

ryan cooper naked

ryan cooper naked




ryan cooper naked

…adds up to this


And suddenly, we’re all night stalkers … …
ryan cooper naked
that want to be hanging with Mr. Cooper



And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

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