sean cody brysen gets fucked

Puerto Rico Day 5 & Brysen Finally Gets Fucked

“I’ve been a kind of a power top, even topping out some of the top tops. And now, they’re finding out in real life, I’m a big old bottom bitch.” ~Sean Cody Brysen

Lately, Brysen has indeed earned his stripes as a top. And today, he becomes a bottom’s bottom and it’s hot AF to watch. This ushers in a new era of possibilities with Randy, Daniel, & Jess at the head of the list.

But for today’s camera plucking, it’s Kaleb that gets the honors and Brysen is more than just OK with that. “You are the perfect little mold of a man,” he says about Kaleb. And indeed, he is. In fact, the countdown clock on Kaleb’s ass is now running but for today, it’s all about Brysen.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedThere’s a lot of BTS footage today. It clearly imparts a sense of genuine chemistry not often seen, especially here. They had a great day. The crew, well, not so much. I understand that water and expensive video cameras don’t mix well. Nonetheless, it was it unforced directorial malfeasance having most of the action take place in the shower or by the pool. That meant the distance required to keep the equipment dry meant the cameras were often too far away to get in close when it needed to. And when they had to.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedBrysen is shaving Kaleb’s face during the interview. And let me take a personal aside here to implore the shaving of Brysen’s bush needs to stop. The boys go to the outdoor shower. Brysen sucks Kaleb. Kaleb does a drive by rimming of Brysen, then stands up and shoves it in. So much for the big build up. Brysen gives Kaleb an ATM and we’re off to the bedroom.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedAway from the water, the view is closer and much improved. Kaleb delivers an aggressive round of missionary and Brysen is indeed in “bottom bitch” heaven. He pounds what appears to be a doozy of a load out of Brysen. The camera is on the other side of the bed so you must look closely to see it. By the time the camera gets in close, the fireworks are over. Kaleb wipes up some jizz, gives Brysen a cum slap and we’re off to the balcony.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedBrysen is hanging onto the rails as Kaleb pounds him in standing doggie. Re-white balancing the camera and cleaning the lens would have helped. The camera keeps roving in almost a wide shot. When Kaleb pulls out and theoretically creams Brysen’s hole, the camera misses it. On the undercarriage shot, it’s like two drops of rain from a cloudless sky. Call me old-fashioned, but I want to see two poles in my penetration footage and exploding cocks when it’s a cumshot. We get neither here. But, we’re not done.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedBrysen gives Kaleb an ATM, swoops him up and carries him over to the pool. A quick frolic in the water. Kaleb sits on the pool’s edge and Brysen takes himself for quite a ride. This works really well and we get a hot 360° of the festivities. This is one instance where I wish they would held the position longer.

sean cody brysen gets fuckedWe switch to missionary with Brysen laying on the deck and Kaleb in the water pounding furiously. Scenically, it’s stunning. Our boys are going at it. Kaleb pummels another “look close because the camera is too far away” load out of Brysen. Kaleb wipes up some spooge, feeds Brysen, then they snowball. Cut to Kaleb cumming on Brysen’s abs. It’s in the shadows, but at least we can see it. A little more cum fun, a final ATM then off for eight minutes of playful BTS with more close-up shots than the in action. Better late than never.

If you like Brysen and/or Kaleb, there’s plenty to love in this scene. But the highlight is witnessing the transition of Brysen from promising Sean Cody newcomer to their latest super-star. And what’s not to love about that?

[Watch “Puerto Rico Day 5 – Brysen & Kaleb: Bareback” at midnight at Sean Cody]

5 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Day 5 & Brysen Finally Gets Fucked”

    1. Yea, Kaleb seemed a little nervous about slapping the hunky muscular Brysen. It looked like Brysen was in the mood to take whatever his top man dished out.

  1. Ain’t nothin I don’t like about Brysen, maybe the tats, but watching him get busy as top or bottom is a thrill.

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