Does It Matter What This Dick Is Attached To?

Because it’s kind of weird.

People who like big dicks should be grateful to Sean Cody for delivering big dick after big dick, and I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what is going on with Sean Cody model Carl and his body hair?

Trimming is fine, but there is also such a thing as over trimming. I’m afraid that Sean Cody’s Carl has gone too far. Unless you’re into rubbing up against a porcupine.

Not that it really matters though, because, uhhh…hi..

[Sean Cody: Carl]


24 thoughts on “Does It Matter What This Dick Is Attached To?”

  1. I just came here for the porn. If you think he’s hot, great. If not, move on to the next naked guy. If you’re looking for a dissertation on circumcision, consult Wikipedia.

  2. A bath a day keeps the cheese away…For uncircumcised men, it is important to pull back the foreskin and gently clean this area.
    How to do:

    1)First, do as you are washing your hands;

    2) Than, pull back the prepuce;

    3) Gently wash your dick’s head;

    4) Rinse.

    Done! ( …A little horny?: …” slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp “…)

    If your foreskin don’t move back because it’s too tight you need medical help.

  3. I know this might sound weird to many americans but having a dried out calloused wrinkled glans is not normal .
    It’s a condition called keratinization caused by genital mutilation, called circumcision , which removes one third of the penile shaft skin and exposes it like that, so it loses its gliding and protective mechanism and becomes like a wooden stick. It reduces sensitivity tremedously too.

      1. Look at 10:10 and tell me if it looks fine to you :|

        Please watch the whole video before making self righteous comments (not that yours was, Josh)

          1. My husband is uncut and doesn’t smell AT ALL. And cutting off a body part to lower the risk of catching a disease is extreme, especially when there are plenty of other options out there.

            That being said, his cock looks pretty damn awesome to me. As for the rest of him, he’s a hot guy but needs to leave his body hair alone. Will be so glad when everybody gets over this stupid shaving/trimming/manscaping trend.

    1. Wow! How kind. Especially since there’s NOTHING he can do about it NOW! That’s like telling someone they look like shit, then falling back on the excuse, “hey, I’m just being honest!”. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the hump on his back. WTF?

      1. I know that full well and it’s very sad.

        The information about it needs to be spread however, for this practice to stop someday . If people are so adamant they want to do it it must be on their own body , not forced on babies who can’t consent to a cosmetic harmful procedure .
        It was first introduced in the US ( along with female genitale mutilation, yes ) , to CURE MASTURBATION. Now obviously that didn’t work and it’s not trendy anymore, so they have to make up other excuses for it to make it a “treatment”…and get an extra 400$ at each birth ( and sell the foreskin to cosmetic companies in order to make anti-ageing creams, like SkinMedica or Intercytex)

        There are ways to “restore” a foreskin but you can never get the complexity of the tissue back( and the 15 000- 20 000 specialized nerve endings that have been removed ), it does improve sensitivity however .

        Loki please don’t feel the need to reply to this message , same goes for DPS.

        1. You’ll be surprised to know that I don’t disagree with you on this issue (I, myself, am uncircumcised), porco, but proselytizing to a bunch of gay men who will likely never father sons doesn’t seem like an effective use of time.

        2. Anyone who has read a post on this blog regarding penis knows how you feel about circumcision. For once I would like to read a post featuring an adult penis without a longwinded, insanely repetitious, ridiculously pointless rant by you. If you want to change the world and fight circumcision, I have to inform you that you energy would be better utilized at your local maternity ward, or perhaps a message board that has something to do with babies or parenting. This is a website where penis decisions have already been made. We fucking get it. And who are you to tell anyone that they can or can’t respond to a message when you spend so much time derailing posts and being a complete whack job. Also, the practice of circumcision was first introduced in the US? Are you serious? It is an ancient practice that is much older than the US. It occurs around the world and has been clearly documented as far back as ancient Egypt. Don’t get me wrong, I love an uncut dick perhaps just as much as you love leaving overbearing comments on gay porn blogs, and I am not a proponent of circumcision of any kind, but living in a world where circumcision is a social and sexual reality I choose to be a little more kind regarding people. There, I’m done.
          Oh and by the way, Carl is a beautiful guy with or without the trim.

          1. “first introduced in the US” means just that, focusing on why it became so widespread in a country that has no bullshit religious reasons to do it theoretically. And that reason was preventing masturbation and numbing sexual pleasure , it’s a fact and I see many people making a fool of themselves arguing against that .

            I’ve done my research before and I know where it stems from in other cultures , but thank you nevertheless. I post this message to spread informations on this issue, I wasn’t making ad hominem attack on this guy , I just notice a focus on a cut dick so I take the opportunity to speak out.

            Some gay people will have children and will have to make decisions for them , some adults have not yet made them and are still pressured to do it because it ” looks funny” or is considred “dirty” etc… besides, as I mentioned above, you can still do something about it if you have been cut, like “restoring” the foreskin and see how different it feels when you get the protecting and gliding mechanism back. I’m not encouraging it specifically but it’s a possibility.

            i’m pretty sure that if you posted a picture of a circumcised woman on a straight forum(there are 4 types for each sex , do your research before you start screaming , 2 types of female circucmcision at least are less severe than a standard male circumcision and they are banned) , you would get this type of reaction and someone would eventually explain how it is detrimental and why it’s a form of child abuse . I see no reason to make a difference on this issue. Gender equality, stop chopping off genitalia , male or female :)

            have a nice day!!

          2. @porco

            It’s funny, because I see the tide as turning in a way. The ethnic makeup of this country is quickly changing. Hispanic/Latin peoples are becoming/have become the fastest growing minority group IIRC and that’s a population with very little history of circumcision. There’s also European immigrants. Take a look at Sean Cody’s roster and you’ll find an increasing number of uncut cocks in the past couple of years (most notably, Zach’s favorite, Ethan).

    2. oh stfu. all he needs is a little moisturizer on his cock and it will look fine. enough with the genital mutilation conspiracy crap. idc if this sounds insensitive but im not gna put an uncut cock in my mouth anytime soon….OH WELL!

        1. awwww poor baby! did i insult ur smelly, ugly, cheese filled ant eater?? hahaha i dont WANT any offers! i like cocks that are attractive….not cocks that look like alien appendages

          1. Alien appendages… you do realize, shitferbrains, that that’s the way they come *naturally*? Ya know, when you’re born. And over two-thirds of the world’s male population is uncircumcised. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time on someone who’s obviously mentally retarded…

          2. ya and babies also come “NATURALLY” with an umbilical cord attached….should we not chop that off either?

      1. Ok. The reason circumcision is the norm in the US and other countries is most definitely tied to bullshit religious practices, directly, theoretically, socially, and indirectly. The ties to the practice have universal religious and ceremonial routes in all cases. This can’t be argued. My point, gay men included, is that parents looking for parenting point of views aren’t doing it on the fucking sword. Find a valid, reasonable venue for your opinion, invite debate, and criticism and stand your ground. In adult forums involving adult entertainment the decisions and opinions involving circumcision have been made and are not practically reversible. If you are going to rant do it where it makes the most sense for your energy expenditure. Best of luck to you pumpkin.

  4. It does matter just a little. He’s an attractive guy definitely, but he needs to either leave his body hair alone or wax it all off. He waxes his eyebrows, I don’t know why he doesn’t do the same for his chest hair. But personally I would rather have him leave it natural.

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