sean cody desmond

Sean Cody Desmond: “My Nuts Are Huge”

“I wanna cum back and fuck all the bottoms & make them cum with my dick in them.” ~Desmond

Desmond is a 24-year-old gay college student with a killer six-pack, a tight, lightly hairy body, a big dick, pendulous lowhangers, and a voracious, targeted sexual appetite.

He also a 1,000-kilowatt smile.

If his physical attributes alone didn’t charm the pants off you, his personality and disarming laugh will.

sean cody desmondDesmond works out a lot and watches what he eats. Suffice to say, it shows. And it’s nice to hear. Not that he didn’t get a head start from the gene pool, but he works at it maximizing it.

sean cody desmond“I like a guy with a small waist and a nice round ass. Nothing too muscular that looks like me.”

sean cody desmondBut he gets more specific about the guys he likes: “It’s more about personality than how you look. A body can be fixed. A person’s attitude can’t be.”

sean cody desmond“The first time I fucked a guy was back in middle school. I didn’t know what I was doing but it was fun.”

sean cody desmondWhen people see him naked for the first time, their “eyes go from my eyes to my nuts.”

sean cody desmond“Love getting my dick sucked. Then, I love to play with ass & have him play with mine.”

“I get real sweaty and nasty.”

“I just like to get straight to the ass and torture it.”

[Watch Desmond at Sean Cody]


7 thoughts on “Sean Cody Desmond: “My Nuts Are Huge””

    1. What’s the matter, No Thanks? Your favorite Alt-Right gay porn site was down so you had to troll over here. If you only like white guys, why click on any who are not. But more importantly, whatever makes you think it’s OK to give voice on thoughts like that is wrong. And so are you.

    2. He’s hot, you’re not. Gay with low self esteem often are often fascists that try to either control their internal homophobia or self loathing since they’re not considered attractive. Regardless, the admins should remove you comment and click you. You can always join the other gay fascists on 4chan.

  1. I saw the vid and was not impressed. He doesn’t get really hard. Not sure how he is going to fuck all those bottoms with a limp dick.

    1. Thats what happens when Sean Cody pushes their PC agenda. Go back to the old days with the hot american boy not this PC bullshit.

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