sean cody gibson

Sean Cody’s Gibson

Gibson may look like a twink, but what he’s packing is mansized and he’s more than ready to come back to put it to use.

Granted, at first glance Gibson looks like he might be a better fit for Helix.

But once he starts speaking in a sexy, deep voice about his very fluid sexuality, I think he’s right where he belongs.

You don’t have to take my word for it: just check out what’s he packing.

sean cody gibson22-year-old Gibson who much rather be traveling the world and helping people than his current gig as a landscaper.

sean cody gibson“What I am known for in the bedroom is being a generous guy. I think I like giving head and doing all of that sort of stuff. I like to leave them pleasured.”

I like my dick sucked the most, I like to sixty-nine so we can help each other out. I just like having a hard dick in my mouth when I am getting my dick sucked.”

sean cody gibsonMost of my experience has been with women. Actually, my first experience with a guy was a few months ago. He gave me a blowjob. It was weird at first, but I think I liked it.”

sean cody gibson“I downloaded the app. I guess I was feeling curious and open to something new. I saw him on the app. He was a younger guy, brown hair, beard, good-looking guy. So I ended up going over to his place one night. And, yeah, I got a blowjob and hung out for a bit.”

sean cody gibson“That was a couple of months ago. Since than I have had two other experiences. I guess the second experience was the same as the first I guess. Pretty much the same I’d say. Another login. Another blowjob.”

sean cody gibsonThe third one, I actually got to know the guy a little more and went up a step from a blowjob and we had sex.”

sean cody gibson“There’s a lot of things I know I haven’t experienced yet but I am definitely open to coming back and experiencing them on camera.”

Gibson’s cock look pretty pedestrian in the images but on video is a very different matter. He shoots two good loads. Licks his hand clean> in the first one, has a ripped body and is ready for more.

[Watch Gibson at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.

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