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Kasey & The Sunshine Band

“If I’m getting my dick sucked, I love busting a fat load in their mouth.” ~Sean Cody Kasey

Yes. I know it was “KC and the Sunshine Band” back in the day.

But staying on the theme while updating it for the task at hand today, when you see Sean Cody’s Kasey, do you think “That’s the Way (I Like It)” or should he “Give It Up”?

Sean Cody categories him as a “quiet type, but his soft voice and calm demeanor” and “a horny stud with a great body who just wants to release.”

Now, we’ll decide for ourselves.

sean cody kasey“My workout routine is almost my life. I work out five to six days a week for two hours each time.”

sean cody kasey“The most times I jerked off in one day was during my teenage years and I think I counted eight times.”

sean cody kasey“I love busting a fat load in their mouth” … “their” being the operative word which means either willingly or coached, he’s playing the pronoun game.

sean cody kaseyHe is indeed soft-spoken. Sean Cody told the truth about that. But he also has a tentative, almost halting aspect to his words and voice that isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

sean cody kaseyHandsome guy, yes indeed. Rocking bod? Most definitely – though I think he overdid it with the clippers.

sean cody kaseyThough there’s little to no emotion shows with his loads, he shoots twice and they are well captured. The first is in the bedroom and the bigger, second one is standing in front of the sink. I guess that makes for easier cleanup.

sean cody kaseyBut despite the face and the bod, he comes across pretty bland – largely because he seems so skittish on camera. Neither of those bode well for a future career in porn. Is Kasey just a one-hit wonder in that case? This time, we can only hope so.

[Watch Kasey at “Sean Cody”]


1 thought on “Kasey & The Sunshine Band”

  1. Kasey is a big handsome muscular guy with a fine booty. He doesn’t have a big porn star cock, so I think he needs to bottom for big skinny Jess with his huge porn star cock. It’s always smokin hot when a muscle man gives it up to a well hung skinny dude and Jess fills that requirement. Go tap it Jess.

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