sean cody roger

Sean Cody’s Roger

“I love it when someone deep throats my dick — although it’s really on occasion because I have such a big dick and not everybody can do it,” ~Sean Cody Roger

20-year-old Roger, a waiter at a steakhouse which is pretty fitting considering the hefty piece of meat he’s hauling around between his legs.

For forewarned, Roger is a charmer and while he plays the pronoun game as good as any, in his real life, it seems to be all about the ladies and even pulls something new from his “date idea jar” once a month to impress them.

sean cody roger“I’m trying to find the love of my life … my soulmate, if you believe in that.”

sean cody rogerSex should be spontaneous and not really planned because if it’s planned, it’s not really going to be as good.”

sean cody rogerMy dick curves to the left. It’s eight inches. Sometimes I wish my dick was a little more straight because I look at porn sometimes and I see a lot of dudes dicks’ are straight. I guess it makes it easier because in and out faster?”

sean cody roger“When it comes to sex, I like to please the person I’m with. Whatever they like, I’ll give it to them. On the other hand, if they would like to please me, I guess we’d start off by sucking my dick, obviously.”

sean cody roger“I really like the ass. I’m a real ass guy.”

sean cody rogerI like doggie style. I like it when the person rides me. I like the ass clapping. I like blow jobs with a lot of tongue.”

[Watch Roger at Sean Cody]

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Another take: see what John Tegan over at GayDailyHot has to say about this scene.

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