Sean Cody’s Forrest Finds Another New Boyfriend In Rowan

Hey, did you know there’s a Labor Day sale at Sean Cody?! Yes, they’re doing $1 trial memberships again.

So you may want to hop over there to see big butted, happy-go-lucky southern boy Forrest fall in love, again, with the latest recruit they’ve paired him with: Rowan.

Do you not recognize Rowan? Well you wouldn’t! Because Rowan has never appeared in a scene on the site before. In this brave new world at Sean Cody, sometimes new faces just appear and get into a fuck scene all at the same time.

Forrest and Rowan actually fucked, or at least fooled around, the day before this shoot, according to Forrest, which isn’t usually something directors encourage, but they said they wanted to make sure “everything worked.”

And Rowan’s not that big of a dude, and Forrest is a pretty big dude, but they make it work with Rowan as the top, and pounds the shit out of Forrest’s butt to the point that Forrest is actually screaming. Loud.










[Sean Cody: Rowan and Forrest]

1 thought on “Sean Cody’s Forrest Finds Another New Boyfriend In Rowan”

  1. Always glad to see Forrest. He is the best part of Sean Cody. Please in his next scene, have Forrest go back to taking cum in the face and cleaning the guys dick with his mouth . Thank you again for more Forrest !

    PS…Sean Cody, please bring back Mitch ! Mitch would be awesome with Forrest !!!!!

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