Sean Cody’s Kieran Continues His Return, Fucks Scruffy Carter Collins

We went a long four years without getting to see hot jock Kieran in porn, but the Sean Cody stud finally returned last month when he fucked hung twunk bottom Oliver Marks. Oliver must have put in a good word, because now his BF gets a taste of Kieran’s cock!

We’ve seen Oliver and Carter Collins fuck each other a few times (and in some threesomes, getting fucked by likes of hung tops Jordan Starr and Austin Wilde, and spit roasting bottom Greyson Myles) over the last year, but this pair of scenes where they take turns bottoming for the same top adds a nice new twist to their filmography.

Kieran, Carter Collins Kieran, Carter Collins

Kieran, Carter Collins Kieran, Carter Collins

The action starts out in the park with the two enjoying each other’s company, and Carter is smiling ear to ear as he gets to check out and touch Kieran’s ripped body (Carter’s face is one of absolute joy…I love how genuine his emotion is). To be fair, Kieran’s chest and abs are stunning, and I’d be drooling over it (that dusting of pec hair and those nipples in particular…yes please!).

Kieran, Carter Collins Kieran, Carter Collins

Kieran, Carter Collins

Back inside, we soon get to see my favorite visual of the scene: Carter on his knees getting a mouthful of cock. Kieran orders “Put that fucking big dick in your mouth,” then grabs the sucker by his scruffy hair and thrusts Carter’s head down on that dick (Carter’s nose buried in Kieran’s pubes in a great overhead shot). Kieran then eats out Carter’s hole before pounding him, and I can’t stop looking at the top’s gorgeous muscles as he fucks. Just a stunning man! (How about a threesome with Kieran, Oliver and Carter next?)

See the full scene at Sean Cody!


7 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Kieran Continues His Return, Fucks Scruffy Carter Collins”

  1. Kiernan and Carter are smokin hot together. I like Kiernan being a top only guy. Some guys just excel as tops or bottoms. It was hot watching him top Carter, Oliver, Riley, Cole, Manny, Jayce and Asher.

  2. It just occurred to me how almost always in porn, the top and bottom keep their hands off each other when fucking in the missionary position. You almost never see the bottom stroking the top’s shoulder or biceps, orvthe top kissing the bottom’s neck or sucking his nipple. I guess those actions would obstruct the camera angle. Just a thought.

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