sean ford tyler hill helix flip fuck

“Your Hole Is My Hole” With Sean Ford & Tyler Hill

Sean goes up the Hill then gets driven like a Ford.

Joey Mills has some competition as the hottest new face at Helix. Sean Ford is breathtakingly beautiful. And that can be dangerous. His pretty face, and everything attached to it, infamously sent Casey Tanner and Blake Mitchell to divorce court.

He’s playing nicer with Tyler Hill today. So nice, they are “Taking Turns”.

sean ford tyler hill helix flip fuckSean Ford debuted at Helix last summer and was featured in the impressive and beautifully produced “Lifeguard” series. The scene begins with Sean “up to no good and looking for trouble.” Today he goes from home wrecker to hole wrecker, mixing it up with Tyler Hill.

sean ford tyler hill helix flip fuck“These are two of the most beautiful golden boys you’ll ever see taking turns treating each other like the trophy boys they are,” says Helix. After feasting on every inch of each, Tyler’s hole is feeling lonely. But not for long.

sean ford tyler hill helix flip fuckOne, two, three, flip. Sean is on his back with Tyler banging away. “Taking Turns” is filled with sexual back and forth. Once again, Tyler gets filled by Sean. Very fulfilled.

[Watch Sean Ford & Tyler Hill in “Taking Turns” at Helix]

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