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Sean Xavier Breaks Out Measuring Tape For His 9×6 Dick

Porn star Brock Banks wants you to measure your cock! On Thursday, The Swords actor took to Twitter asking guys to actually measure their dicks and told his over 400,000 followers that while “all dicks are worthy of a good fucking or sucking,” you should stop advertising how well-endowed you are if you aren’t measuring up.

“But stop telling me your hung or Xl and you’ve got 4-6 inches of hard cock. Anything above 7 inches is big to me,” tweeted Brock. “Over 8 you can say your Xl or hung. I have used an actual ruler to measure mine. And I promise you. Your not as big as you think you are. And that is ok. The average dick isn’t bigger then 6 inches anyways. So just stop with the false advertising.”

One person who took Brock’s measuring challenge to heart is porn hunk Sean Xavier. In a reply to Brock, the performer posted a series of photos featuring some measuring tape that show just how long and thick his massive member actually is. According to the pics, it turns out that this ripped hunk is rocking a 9×6 piece of meat between his legs! Take a look below:

These tweets came hours before Sean and his big dick actually made their first-ever appearance on the Raging Stallion site. For Sean’s debut with the scruffy studio, which acts as the second scene to Raging’s new gym feature Sweat. Fuck. Repeat., Sean can be seen going in for a deep massage with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Luca del Rey.

As you probably could have guessed, the massage doesn’t stay PG very long and soon, Luca is swallowing down that 9×6 dick, getting on top of his client for some 69 action, and busting open his hole for Sean right in the middle of the spa. Take a look below:

Let us know what you think of Sean’s dick pics and feel free to share your own cock measurements down in the comments! After that, don’t forget to check out Sean’s new scene over on Raging Stallion!

[Watch ‘Sweat. Fuck. Repeat.’ w/ Luca del Rey & Sean Xavier]


21 thoughts on “Sean Xavier Breaks Out Measuring Tape For His 9×6 Dick”

      1. Sean and Reign are the best top men in the business at the moment , watching them tear a twink in two is surely on the RS studio to do list….

      2. Universal Potentate

        I’m completely down for this. The porn parody could only be better than the actual series. Lol
        I want to see Luca with Bucky’s metal arm and fisting master Devin Franco as Baron Zemo screaming “No! Where are you gonna put that??”
        I have the screenplay for the Sean-Luca-Devin threesome mapped out in my head.
        … so I may be an MCU nerd.

  1. Brock, I IMPLORE you to please take a spelling and grammar class before you embarrass yourself again by not knowing the difference between your and you’re.

    1. As someone that dislikes Brock, I promise you, no one in the real world cares about grammar issues from porn stars.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Dang it! I have really been mistyping like this a lot lately. I think I hear other things while typing a message and write what I hear. I need to concentrate on my proofreading.

  2. I love to jack off while I watch Luca del Rey getting fucked by a big dick. I masturbate to Luca all the time.

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