When Personal Training Gets Inter-Personal, Things Get Messy

Sebastian Kross and Rex Cameron’s gay porn guide to hanging out at the gym is a very fluid affair.

There’s been plenty of gym themed porn. A couple of barbell curls and “bong-chicka-bong-bong” starts playing. But under the direction of Nick Foxx, “The Trainer,” the new series from Hot House, takes the ferocity of a serious work-out and follows it through to the sexual intensity it leads to.

The blood has to go somewhere once it exits the muscles. For Falcon Studios Group exclusive Sebastian Kross and the sexy Rex Cameron, it went right to their dicks.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameron hot houseWith Jimmy Durano making a cameo at the beginning of the scene and Johnny V on the box cover, “The Trainer” features some of the A-Team’s most chiseled studs who are no strangers to the gym in their real lives. The ripped, and big dicked Sebastian Kross is a walking fitness ad to begin with. Today he puts the lean, hot assed Rex Cameron through his paces and ends up invading his most personal spaces in the process.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameron hot houseAfter a sixty-nine with Rex hanging from the pull-up bar, things move down to the floor. After Rex makes a feast out Sebastian’s cock; Sebastian closes in for his favorite meal: a tight, pink hole. But like a good trainer, he reaffirms the significance of hydration at the gym.

2-cameronkrossThen, following repurposing the medicine ball into an apparatus to getting deeper into every angle of Rex’s ass, they move to the weight bench which facilitates getting deeper from a different angle: up from and into the bottom.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameron hot house
Rex gets it as good as Sebastian gives it which says a lot for them both. At the same time, the sexual intensity between them leaves them both covered in sweat, going at each other faster and harder with every pump and thrust.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameron hot houseFrom cowboy to reverse and back again, Rex rides himself to a heavy blast that coats his tight abs. Sebastian remains on task, straddling Rex’s face as they demonstrate the importance of protein consumption following a stiff workout. What you see here is just the appetizer.

[Watch Rex Cameron & Sebastian Kross in “The Trainer” scene one]

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