Self-Sucker Spikey Dee Slurps His Long Dong (with Help From Joey Mills)

We recently noticed the flexibility of newcomer Jackson Bell in his hot flip with Trevor Brooks, but he wasn’t quite at the level of limber Nick Floyd (yet!). But Spikey Dee? Seems like Nick might have met his match!

All this time, I had no idea Spikey was so bendy (I’ve been so busy focusing my attention on his big dick, so pardon me for getting distracted). After had Spikey stuff hot daddy Greg Dixxon with his sizable slab, the studio has brought the hung twink back for his second scene there…and put his flexibility front and center (but what else would you expect from a scene called “Self Sucking Twink Is Packing Large“?).

Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

Spikey Dee Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

Spikey Dee, Joey Mills Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

The scene casts Joey Mills as his roommate, and when he catches Spikey—legs and feet behind his head—bending over and sucking his own cock, he can’t help but get in on the action. He gets up close, slurping Spikey’s hole as the two take turns sucking his cock, just a fantastic site to behold. And then when Joey stuffs his own cock in Spikey’s mouth at the same time?! Jesus…I have to stand and applaud, and then watch again and again.

Spikey Dee, Joey Mills Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

Spikey Dee, Joey Mills Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

Spikey Dee, Joey Mills

Joey then sits down on that impressive cock, feeding Spikey’s mouth at the same time (yet another fantastic visual…this scene is on a roll!). Joey also gets spoon and doggy fucked before he takes a piledriver, giving himself a facial (!) as Spikey goes deep and unloads on him. I don’t care is this scene is full of “stunt sex”…it’s so damn hot to watch! Can you suck your own dick?

See the full scene at, and check out this hot clip!


14 thoughts on “Self-Sucker Spikey Dee Slurps His Long Dong (with Help From Joey Mills)”

    1. Send a pic of yourself. We’ll judge your looks. You probably won’t though, right. Yeah, didn’t think so. Go back into mommy’s basement. she’ll bring you some milk and cookies. Nobody likes a hater, Nobody.


    love spikey s pearl necklace than greg dixon also got a pearl necklace greg dixon came yummy spikey d 8.5 greg dixon 8 yummy

  2. im sorry I just dont get this trend with guys wearing pearls, and it’s not just a gay thing straight men are doing it too

    1. There are beads and not good ones either; at least Puka Shells were real.
      when one of them wear Grans’ 9-10 mm princes length strings, then I will notice, but now they look like Lisa Simpson.

    2. It’s not about it being a real pearl necklace; it’s about the innuendo. Personally, I don’t fancy the look, but I do love some good innuendo… ;D

  3. Universal Potentate

    Spikey is definitely versatile. Wasting the opportunity for him to get fucked while self-sucking is a lil painful.
    His Twitter is very fun & he’s definitely capable of it. Show off these guy’s talents better!

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