Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

Serg Shepard Loves Cain Marko’s Thick Daddy Dick

I already think Serg Shepard is sexy AF, but in the opening moments of his new scene, two things perk up by boner even more: We get to hear him speak in his native Ukrainian (fuck yes!), and we also get to see him in some super tight pants that accentuate his amazing ass (are they painted on?!).

Serg is on his way to a hotel room for a random encounter, and because this is a Gaycest scene, we find out that the American businessman he gets fucked by (Cain Marko) turns out to be…gasp…his uncle! (Don’t you hate when that happens?!) I tune out these silly plot twists and just focus on the sex, and it’s pretty damn hot seeing smooth twink Serg get manhandled by big brute Cain and his hairy man muscles.

Serg Shepard, Cain Marko Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

Serg Shepard, Cain Marko Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

We’ve seen Cain bend over a lot over at TwinkTop, so I’m happy to see him go full-on dom daddy here. The visual of his big burly body wrapped around Serg is so arousing, and I love seeing his thick dick pop out in Serg’s happy face. Daddy then whips his girthy slab on the bottom’s ass and fucks him deep, the weight of his muscle bod keeping submissive Serg in his place.

Serg Shepard, Cain Marko Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

Serg Shepard, Cain Marko Serg Shepard, Cain Marko

Then in the afterglow, I’m turned on watching Cain’s big beard lay kisses on the cutie (whose voice is also sexy when he speaks English with his accent..but how about some Ukranian dirty talk next time?).

See the full scene at CarnalPlus!


8 thoughts on “Serg Shepard Loves Cain Marko’s Thick Daddy Dick”

  1. Why does carnal + only hire ugly fat wrinkled old men bald and bearded to fuck hot young guys? If these boys weren’t paid to lower themselves to this level I am sure they wouldn’t give these ugly fucks the time of day.

  2. Another example of a handsome full-grown man who is so ageist that he is obsessed with chasing young kids instead of playing with other men his own age. These pathetic “daddies” should get psychological counseling, and learn to accept that aging is not a curse. I prefer men with more experience and skills.

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