Seth Cain Gets a Big Stiffy Riding Ripped Cody Seiya

When first we met Seth Cain, he was holding a big Christmas package over his groin, his ripped abs and killer smile radiating off the screen in his scene with Daniel Evans. Now back for his third studio scene, he celebrates another holiday with a big heart over his package (is a stuffed Easter bunny up next?).

It’s a look he wears well, and after bending over for Daniel and then taking Trevor Brooks’ boner, Seth is now paired with the equally ripped Cody Seiya—their combined abs practically blinding us with their beauty. This Valentine’s Day scene pairs well with the recent hot Next Door duo of Ryder Owens and Kane Fox, making for a delicious double feature that is cause for celebration any time of the year.

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

The two start with some smooching before they swap sucks, and the shot of Seth standing on the bed fucking Cody’s face as the sucker’s own rock-hard cock repeatedly throbs up is hot as hell. Cody then slurps on Seth’s hole before fucking him from behind—going faster as he picks up the pace, the top wrapping his arm around Seth and nuzzling the back of his neck.

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

Cody Seiya, Seth Cain

Seth then slurps that hard cock again before sitting on it, staying stiff as steel as he rides (I love this!). We then get another hot oral interlude in a great 69, the two deep throating each other before Seth gets on his back, Cody holding up the bottom’s hot hairy legs as he fucks a load out of him. A great pairing that oozes chemistry! (Hey, Seth…can we see you top with that hot boner sometime? I wish this was a flip!)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


7 thoughts on “Seth Cain Gets a Big Stiffy Riding Ripped Cody Seiya”

  1. Universal Potentate

    I’m still confused by this “all top” phase the studios are putting Cody through.
    You know what he is.

  2. both can do it better, much better….Seth Cain on “OnlyFans” per example…..who made this boring scene….waste of talent and “actors”….”Cockyboy Studios”..if you need help…get some fresh blood from NEW YORKS FILM ACADEMY…..ggrgrgr

  3. Big Gay Anti-Tattoo Andy

    I love Asian guys and Cody is one of the hottest. I just wish he didn’t have all those damned tattoos.

    1. You’re the same troll that repeats the same comments on every article featuring thin models. You may think being anonymous on this website will make you feel safe but we all know deep down you are struggling getting by in life because yours is so fucked up that you have to make other people feel like shit to elevate your pathetic day.

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