Sharok Injured While Supporting Black Lives Matter Movement at Protest in Downtown L.A.

The popular performer was hit in the head by a hammer thrown by anti-protest protestors Friday, which chipped a tooth and split his lip, requiring 30 stitches.

Sharok took to social media earlier today, shortly before he was announced as a co-winner for Best Newcomer at the Grabbys (along with Colton Reece; read about the winners here). The frequent Raging Stallion performer was not in attendance for the webcast of the show, as he had returned to protest again tonight.

“I feel like there comes a time where you have to speak up,” he shared on Twitter. “Yesterday I was at a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown L.A., and went there for about three hours, and towards the end of the night, it was starting to get very heated with anti-protest protestors, and they threw a hammer into the crowd of us, and unfortunately I got hit in the mouth, split my lip open and got 30 stitches, and cracked a tooth, so I’m about to go out and protest again in Pan Pacific Park in L.A.

“If you go out and protest, be careful, be aware of your surroundings, go with friends, share your location on your phone if you can with somebody who’s not there so they know where you’re at. This is something that means a lot to me, until black lives matter, I feel like none of us really matter in this country. What’s going on I this country right now—and has been going on and just recently been documented a little bit better—is atrocious, and for those of us that don’t say anything and don’t do anything, are contributing to that, is my belief.

“I personally have experienced racism due to the color of my skin and my ethnicity, but it’s nothing compared to what black people in the country have to go through on a daily basis for generations. I’m first generation here. So get out and protest, if you cannot, if you don’t feel safe doing so, you’re just unable to, there’s several links online you can donate to, you can post on social media, you can support your friends, your black friends, your POC friends, by showing solidarity. George Floyd…just watch that video. There’s countless others. He didn’t deserve that.”

Sharok received support and comments from many directors (including Chi Chi LaRue, Tony Dimarco and Sebastian Keys), and his fellow performers, including Bruce Beckham (“Hero”), Josh Moore, Angel Rivera, Nick Fitt, Daniel Hausser and more:

Sharok Sharok

The Black Lives Matter movement had a frequent presence during the Grabbys, with many winners voicing their support. Brock Banks (who won Hottest Rimming with Link Parker for NakedSword’s Scared Stiff 2,) and Michael DelRay (co-Performer of the Year with Dante Colle) were among those not online for the show as they were out protesting.

We wish Sharok a quick and speedy recovery. Everyone stay safe.


9 thoughts on “Sharok Injured While Supporting Black Lives Matter Movement at Protest in Downtown L.A.”

  1. “Thanks” to you violating social distancing and health safety protocols, you are helping make the pandemic worse for the rest of us. Who knows how many more people will become infected, and how many elderly people will die because you have no regard for public safety. Your cracked tooth won’t matter when you’re in the hospital on a ventilator. I used to be a big fan.

  2. Wonder how he feels about his fellow pornstar Trevor Laster?! He’s busy peacefully protesting and helping towards the demonstrations to support equality while getting his lip busted and suffering from stitches and a broken tooth while Trevor was more heated about the rioters causing a Los Angeles curfew more than he’s concerned about the injustice and inequality of black lives in today’s society. Then when he’s called out for the lack of empathy and the ignorance, he deletes the tweet and defends his stance on the problem. He even goes as far as bringing Stonewall in the mix.

    Remember he was on his back and knees loving some of Rhyheim Shabazz and all his black glory but doesn’t see the protesting and rioting as a pivotal step into the realization of racist times and the step towards hopefully and possibly saving another black life. He’s concerned about not being able to hit up L.A. after 8!

    Funny that you see the importance of having sex with black men on your OF to bring in viewers of all types. As a black man myself, I find this selfish and disturbing. His concern is completely for the wrong thing.

    I think we know where his head lies in the matter. Selfish thinking and punk ass defending. Let’s just say this…. don’t care how muscular you are or how freaky you are…. if you are more concerned about loss of the nightlife and a few stores and businesses than the loss of a life, then you’re cancelled in my book. A Target, McDonalds or a police station can be rebuilt but Mr. Floyd and the hundreds of years of black lives that have been unfairly and unjustifiably extinguished, CAN NOT.

    1. And let me be clear…. I used to be a Trevor Laster fanatic but after the past 12 hours or so…. he’s completely a turn off and I have unfollowed, unsubscribed and now I’m completely uninterested.

      I didn’t really know too much about him but Sharok, you’ve got my vote now.

      And these pornstars better come for Trevor like they did str8 up last month for their anger towards that dumb ass party in NYC. If they don’t speak up, every last one of them are cancelled. I’m waiting Max Konnor and Beaux Banks. You two are black men so you both better speak your asses up ASAP. Seth Knight, Bruce Beckham and the others, silence from other races doesn’t help. Speak the fuck up too!!!

    2. Sharok is the exception, not the rule! Your expectations are misplaced. Ninety percent of porn sex workers are narcissistic, in it “for the money,” and/or suffering from some form of sexual trauma. That said, I do appreciate the spirit of your point!

      1. Thanks. My expectations aren’t solely based on what these porn stars do or say but my goodness, do you see any of the rest of them marching or being hurt in the process… NO.

        They’re just sending out a tweet or a post and keeping quiet. So in my book Sharok is doing something that got more merit.

        But the same mob of porn stars that had something to say last month are eerily quiet during this situation.

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