Sin City

Sin City Finale Brings First-Ever Noir Male Feature to Cumtastic Climax

Max Konnor pummels Derek Cline’s hole to conclude the studio’s first-ever movie, which also includes a leading turn from DeAngelo Jackson, a rare bottoming from Ricky Larkin, and mysterious masked mystery cocks!

Noir Male’s first-ever feature, directed by Chi Chi LaRue, is now complete! Here’s a rundown of the action from the all-star cast…

1. Vegas Baby
DeAngelo Jackson and Derek Cline

Sin City

Superstar Noir Male exclusive DeAngelo Jackson takes his boyfriend Derek Cline for a sexy boyfriend getaway to Las Vegas. Exploring this amazing sexy vacation rental, the two men christen the house with some hot fucking, sucking and ass eating. Big DeAngelo shoots his massive load then fucks the cum right out of Derek’s cock.

2. Hard Days Night
Dillon Diaz and Ricky Larkin

Sin City

Hard-working bodyguard Dillon Diaz comes home from a long day of protecting his rich client. Exhausted, he gets shoulder rubs from his very affectionate man Ricky Larkin. These two alpha males take care of each other’s huge cocks and lickable holes before some intense flip fucking.

3. I’m Waiting
DeAngelo Jackson and Dominic Pacifico

Sin City

Boy toy Dominic Pacifico lies in bed enjoying a martini while waiting for the vulnerable DeAngelo to stumble upon his lair. The seduction of the cool Vegas night air and his up turned bubble ass makes it very hard for DeAngelo to resist. After giving in to the sexual temptations of Dominic, these two men engage in some intense cock sucking, dripping wet fucking until they both explode in sheer ecstasy.

4. The Master’s Wishes
Max Konnor and Derek Cline (w/ mystery cocks!)

Sin City

Max Konnor is the master of his domain and with the help of his two jock-strapped henchmen he fulfills his and Derek’s fantasies of what it’s like to live a sexy Vegas experience. The two henchmen seductively undress Derek and prepare him for the masters taking. Max uses his incredible muscled body and his insanely huge cock to bring Derek to fits of ecstasy. The young man explodes his cum everywhere and Max gives him a jizz shower before the two henchmen cover Derek’s face in hot creamy loads.

See the full feature at Noir Male!

Here’s a look at the trailer to the finale…


3 thoughts on “Sin City Finale Brings First-Ever Noir Male Feature to Cumtastic Climax”

  1. Is Ricky Larkin sick? He was my favorite porn star for a long time. He’s so scrawny now and looks like a plucked chicken. I hope he’s not dying.

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