Aiden Jacobs, Derek Thibeau

Sometimes You Just Gotta Take A Call From Your Girlfriend While Pounding Anon Hole

You never know who’s gonna end up fucking you when you’re out cruising, but I guess there’s always a good chance that some random “straight guy” is going to be the one stuffing your ass and there’s even a chance that this “straight guy” might have to pause going full force on your ass because he’s getting a call from his girl.

We don’t know how likely this is to happen in real life, but it’s definitely happening in the newest scene from Masqulin. In the scene, we get to watch Aiden Jacobs set up his phone to film his latest cruising expedition right before hetero bro Derek Thibeau parks behind him and parks his cock in Aiden’s asshole. In the dead of night, the horny top removes the bottom’s electric underwear to reveal his erotic tan line and then has a quick chat with his “girlfriend” all while still barebacking the stranger’s c0ck-hungry ass. Take a look at some preview shots of the cruising action below:

So what do you think of this scene? When was the last time you went cruising? Do you ever fuck with DL straight guys? Have you ever taken a call or answered a text in the middle of a hookup? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire scene over at Masqulin!

[Watch ‘The Pit Stop’ w/ Aiden Jacobs & Derek Thibeau]


4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Take A Call From Your Girlfriend While Pounding Anon Hole”

  1. Fuck that, I would send her a live face time and show her what she is missing. Then tell her this is the result of your whining and insecurity. Her loss and this pussyboy’s gain!

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