gay porn star markie more

When Step-Brotherly Love Gets Raw

The real question is, will Markie More and Addison Graham have enough “taboo time” before their folks get home?

Okay, so sex between step-brothers isn’t technically taboo. As we saw last week with the brothers-in-law from NextDoorRaw, when they don’t use cheating boyfriends as a plot point, they play the gay family feud. Seems Addison has already seduced his new bro and today, he’s going back for more, Markie More, in “My New Brother: Baring it All”.

gay porn star markie more
Markie More is another model I had the pleasure of meeting at The Phoenix Forum. In person, he’s twice as hot and three times as cool. No wonder Addison couldn’t keep his legs closed. Though we have seen Addison Graham keeping things wrapped up lately, nothing comes between him and Markie More today. But there is plenty of cum.

gay porn star markie more
Since this is a situation most of us will thankfully never experience in real life, this is what it looks like when you are sneaking a peek at your step-brother beating off in the shower while you brush your teeth. But once you forget about the familial connection, the sexual tension is real, palpable, and sets up things up for a hot fuck

gay porn star markie more
Markie snacks on Addison’s hole before Addison does the same to Markie’s pole. The oral is not particularly inspiring but that changes once the fucking starts. Just look at Markie jabbing away.

gay porn star markie more
Riding, bent over, then missionary until Markie fucks the cum out of Addison then Markie gets his nut. Hey, what good is having a new step-brother if you can’t creampie his hole, right? Then just as Markie pulls out, the folks pull up in the drive. Timing is everything.

[Watch Addison Graham & Markie More in “My New Brother: Baring it All”]

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