Take A Look At NakedSword’s Most-Watched Videos Of March 2021

We already told you about what type of gay porn everyone in your state is watching and which specific porn stars everyone is watching, but now it’s time to dive into what everyone is watching over on NakedSword!

For today’s perverted and sexed-up list, we’re counting down the ten top-watched videos on “the Netflix of gay porn” from March 2021. These are the videos that everyone was watching and the scenes that (we’re assuming) made everyone bust at least a couple sloppy loads throughout the last 31 days.

Take a look below and let us know down in the comments if you’ve ever jacked off to any of these movies before! When you’re done with that, be sure to head on over to NakedSword to watch all of these films and much, much more.

10. Model Behavior: Morning Wood

Studio: Falcon Studios
Before even looking at March’s most-watched videos, I knew that Cade Maddox and his thick cock were going to pop up somewhere on the list and I was right! Here’s Cade putting his dick to good use to blast Isaac Parker’s hungry hole. [Watch]

9. Joe Gage 102 Tastiest Daddy Cum Shots

Studio: Dragon Media
If you just want to watch a two and a half hour video that features 100+ daddies blowing their hot loads, then you should probably dedicate some time to this movie. [Watch]

8. Make Me Cum

Studio: Bareback Cum Pigs
Speaking of daddies… Here’s Leo Forte and Riley Mitchel teaming up for a hairy daddy fuck fest! [Watch]

7. The Bigger They Come

Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Just twelve men and their large dongs! Simple and definitely worthy of a couple nut-busting sessions! [Watch]

6. No Limits

Studio: Fetish Force
If there’s one takeaway from this list, it’s that you guys love watching Michael Boston and his famous booty. This man appears in many different films on this list, including No Limits where he performs in two different scenes. [Watch]

5. Cholo Meat Demons

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Apparently a lot of the NakedSword viewers are size queens and like watching men take some serious, honkin’ slabs of cock. Between this and a couple of other films we’re seeing here, it’s safe to say that you guys really love seeing naked men and their oversized hogs. [Watch]

4. Massive Meat

Studio: EricVideos
Spoiler alert: Massive Meat features some truly and offensively massive meat. [Watch]

3. Hung Miami

Studio: Dark Alley MediaRaw Fuck Club
YEP! It’s another movie featuring Michael Boston and that irresistable ass. Chef’s kiss We love to see it. [Watch]

NakedSword big dicks

2. Bare: Sleaze In The Keys

Studio: NakedSword Originals
This movie has been debuting scene-by-scene this last month and I guess you guys have been eating it up! If you haven’t watched the first scene with Calhoun Sawyer and Beaux Banks porking in the back of a car, y’all need to get on that immediately. (And yes, this is another Michael Boston film!) [Watch]

1. Grand Opening

Studio: EricVideos
Bros, handcuffs, raw sex, hairy threesomes, fuckin’ huge cocks, and a little self-suck action? This film has it and it’s pretty clear why y’all made this your most-watched movie of the month! [Watch]


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