Tannor Reed, Justin Stone, Dominic Ford

Tannor Reed Accuses JustFor.Fans Owner Dominic Ford of Sexual Assault; Justin Stone Also Alleges Physical & Mental Abuse

The performer shared a lengthy post Sunday on social media chronicling his history with the industry veteran, alleging a sexual assault from last year. Fellow performer Justin Stone then posted an allegation that Ford was mentally and physically abusive to him as well.

Tannor Reed entered the business last year, and this year has worked for the likes of Men.com, Next Door Studios, Staxus, ColbyKnox and more. Here is Reed’s full posted story from Monday (you can see the thread here) regarding his interactions with JustFor.Fans creator Dominic Ford:

Tannor Reed

Tannor Reed

Tannor Reed

Tannor Reed

Then this morning, performer Justin Stone posted this, alleging physical and mental abuse by Ford:

Justin Stone

Justin Stone

Justin Stone

The two received the support of Mickey Taylor/Ronnie Stone today (Mickey said he was taking a break from social media and that Ronnie would be handling the account, so we presume the post made on June 15th was by Ronnie):

Mickey Taylor

Mickey Taylor

No word yet on any responses by Ford. What do you think of the allegations?


9 thoughts on “Tannor Reed Accuses JustFor.Fans Owner Dominic Ford of Sexual Assault; Justin Stone Also Alleges Physical & Mental Abuse”

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  3. Your in the gay industry doing porn! If it’s that bad stop doing or go somewhere else! I don’t believe in abuse, just get out! Don’t get on twitter or media to get attention and bitch. Get out, leave or is the money stoppin* you?

    1. Money stops most people from quitting their jobs and no one deserves to be sexually intimidated, pressured or browbeaten, even if sex is part of the business. Mr. “I don’t believe in abuse”, you’re either joking, ignorant or a total bellend. I’m going with #2 & 3

  4. Wow. It’s so very sad when people use a position of power to attempt to “dominate” others. If you’re going to “help” someone out, then you should always do so without any further expectations. Especially if it is a matter of financial debt. Anyone who has struggled financially in life will tell you that it is incredibly difficult, sometimes impossible to pay back financial debts for many years. If you know a person has no money, and has no real source of constant income, you should never expect them to pay you back. It sounds like DF is one of those people who likes being a “savior” to young, attractive men whom he knows he may be able to lord that saving over them for a long period of time. Disgusting.

    On the flip side, if someone gives you a huge sum of money to pay for your debts, it is highly likely that there are going to be “strings attached” to that gift – whether they say so or not. Therefore, be very cautious about who you accept money from… especially if they are someone you apparently just met! Hello?!? Secondly, we ALL need to be very careful when we use words like “sexual assault” and “rape.” These are words that have longstanding legal ramifications. If you know that you were drinking that night, and that you allowed the casual petting, the kissing, the whatever.. you allowed the oral… and despite objections to anal, that you “allowed” him to do it…. and then the very next day you helped him in his business… you can’t just all of a sudden some months later “come to the realization” that you were “sexually assaulted.” By saying that you “allowed” him to do it in the end IS evidence of consent. Now, if you had said “NO!” and hit him or pushed him off of you, and then refused to see him after that… then YES, you can claim “sexual assault.”

    And maybe this all is something we need to work on as a community…. Maybe we need to teach our people to say “NO!” and MEAN IT. Not “allow it to happen” later. We need to teach them to say “No” and be firm in your stance, no matter what the consequences. Sexual encounters are varied and, especially when alcohol is involved, unpredictable… A lot of times when we’re drunk, we “allow” things to happen because either the hormones take over, or the alcohol takes over…. and at the end of the day, should we have had sex with this person or that person? Maybe… maybe not. Who hasn’t been persuaded into a sexual encounter because they were drunk? But if you feel strongly about something, then you need to say “NO!” very clear, and STOP the encounter at that moment. Do not let it continue any further. If you do, you’ll end up doing something you regret later…. and when later comes, you can’t just turn around and place all the blame on the other person.

    Just something to consider in the future….

    1. This isn’t a gay thing or a porn thing, it’s predatory behavior used against vulnerable people. It’s an asshole finally being called out for his bullshit, publically. Calling abusers out for their abusive actions, awesome. “when we’re drunk, we “allow” things to happen” Victim shaming, not so much.

  5. Let me understand this… an older man wants some young twink to live with him… and wants sex, scandalous. First, these “models” need to have more common sense, when it comes to the business, etc. Get a job, pay your own bills, and stay away from guys that might want more, if you are not in that mindset.

    As for mental abuse… why would you a young guy hang with a much older guy… nothing in common, usually not in the same income bracket, very little shared experiences, etc. Get a clue and avoid these type of guys or don’t complain when they act the way most would think they might in these situations.

    Plus, he wouldn’t take a higher cut of the profits because it wasn’t fair to other performers…PLEASE… this is a business. Rates, % of returns, etc. all vary. Again, just showing how dumb he is, get your $ while people want to pay to see you. Porn is a very high turnover business, so many guys are willing to get in and try!

    1. Hows the air up there in your anonymous mansion of judgment? Does it smell as much like bullsh¡t as it does from here?

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