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Tex Davidson Fighting COVID-19: ‘I Am a Lucky Guy After 6 Nurses Rushed in My Room to Save Me’

Last week, the award-winning former performer had a seizure, followed by a stroke and “another episode” this past weekend. Yesterday he made a post from his hospital bed with some encouraging news.

Tex Davidson, one of my all-time faves, had a great career working for the likes of Titan and Raging Stallion (the bulk of his work coming in 2016 and 2017, he was named one of our 50 Hottest Dicks of the Decade). He first shared the news of his health on Twitter four nights ago:

Then yesterday, he made a post from his bed at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas—where he noted he had followed precautions yet still contracted the virus: “I did everything possible to wear my mask, wash my hands etc and I stayed home until really I went back to work in which I still followed the rules. BE SAFE PEOPLE. I will be in the hospital a week come Friday and being alone isn’t fun. No visitors what-so ever,” he said. Tex also stressed: “I just want people to know this is serious, we are opening up our state too soon, you see on the news people are no abiding by the rules and people will continue to test positive.”

Here’s his full post (love your dog, Tex!):


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FaceTiming this one is what keeps me fighting to get home. Stay home people this is serious. I started out last Wednesday with a seizure then Friday a stroke then tested positive for the Covid19. Nothing will get you through this other than staying positive no pun. I will be just fine. Listen to the doctors, we aren’t just putting ourselves in danger but our families as well as the frontline workers. #socialdistancing #stayhome #staysafe #thisisnojoke #covid19 I just want people to know this is serious, we are opening up our state to soon, you see on the news people are no abiding by the rules and people will continue to test positive. I did everything possible to wear my mask, wash my hands etc and I stayed home u til really I went back to work in which I still followed the rules. BE SAFE PEOPLE. I will be in the hospital a week come Friday and being alone isn’t fun. No visitors what-so ever.

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Tex can’t have visitors, so let’s send him encouragement. We love you Tex and are hoping for a quick recovery! Stay strong!


27 thoughts on “Tex Davidson Fighting COVID-19: ‘I Am a Lucky Guy After 6 Nurses Rushed in My Room to Save Me’”

  1. For the record so some of you gays with theories you come up with and think you know every thing… when I moved into my new highrise the movers had one guy that tested positive, before my move I had been quarantined for over a month if you really need to know my detailed life. I went back to work in April and I showed no symptoms until I became nauseous and then a seizure to which took me to the ER. This had nothing to do with me out partying, or having sex or only fans bullshit in which I do not do.

    Get you stories straight before you try to judge or come up with some lame ass theory of yours. These times aren’t for you know it all gays that want to try and make Someone look bad. So, stop with your bullshit know it all theories as a lot of you gays do. You guys are the ones I pulled from the community. We all should be caring for one another. Unlike that Ian guy at the party I have been home with my partner quarantined like we should have been doing but unfortunately I moved during the pandemic ans that’s where we think I caught it was from one of the movers. Plus I went back to work but I do take this serious ans I mask up and take every precaution I can but that doesn’t mean I won’t catch it nor you.

    Enough with the bullshit. Come together as a community instead us that have tried to stay safe and unfortunately caught it let up on what you think happened. You gays that are always so negative and think they know everything is what makes us as a community look bad and you are the reason I pulled away from the community. You guy’s always have a chip on your shoulder and see the negative in everything. It’s really sad our community is this way when it should be us coming together. We can’t gain trust in the world when we tear our own down.

    Now, I have better things to do rather than speak to some low down unclassy gay. Get yourself a life!

  2. Wow, so where’s nick fitt, where’s tanner reed, where’s colin simpson, where’s brock banks, where’s baaux banks, where’s ryan rose, where’s kurtis wolfe, where’s max konner, how about armond rizzo, seth santoro, where’s issac jasckson, or eli daniels, or how about sharok, and especially where nic sahara??
    So now that someone in the industry is sick there is complete utter SILENCE from these so called porn stars. SHAME SHAME SHAME. We need to call all of these a-holes who support parties and breaking quarantine!!

    Especially brock banks who’s been breaking quarantine and still shooting for his only fans.

    1. Same people who complain about that party are out here `Who been out doing Orgies on only fans Including Tex I hope he gets better soon

      1. You are ignorant, I don’t hookup ans I don’t party or go out. I have a great partner I live a very secluded life with him and ans I have an amazing g career. I am not one of these that have orgies, or sleep around. I started back to work after being quarantined and at some point I fought it. That does not mean I was out and about like those idiots. You’re as dumb as the idiots ding it passing judgement on me when I have taken all this very seriously. Some of you dumbass gays always have theories and think you all know everything. You are just a dumbass gay! GET A LIFE!

  3. All the best to Tex! Maybe some of the idiots out there having sex parties and meet up that think their safe think twice. Hope you have a fast and full recovery Tex! You maybe alone physically but there are many wishing you well!

    1. Tex Where he caught COVID-19 that because he probably broke quarantine and caught it somewhere else

      1. It’s called work. I work a very successful business and I just happened to catch it at some point. It has nothing to do with hooking up or going out. AGAIN, I have a partner and we quarantine ourselves at home. I was fine until I went back to work. Why does everything have to be sexually related if someone catches something. NOT EVERYONE IS HOOKING UP OR DOING STUPID SHIT TO CATCH SOMETHING. I am not that dump nor would I want to put my life in danger. Yes I fought it but it had not relations to what you say how I caught it.

        The gays and they way they thing is just plain ignorant at times.

  4. Well covid actually create blood clots so you can wrap that comment of yours… please use a tool called google

    1. Universal Potentate

      Covid does this in patients who are older or with pre-existing clotting factors. You know what else causes clotting? Steroids! Source: Google

  5. Universal Potentate

    Seizure and stroke are not covid symptoms. Covid is a lung and blood oxygen disorder (hemoglobin). Seizure and stroke are related to clogged arteries (atherosclerosis) in older people and, of course, drug and steroid use in younger people. If he used “every precaution” and contracted corona which landed him, and no one else around him, in the hospital with nervous system symptoms, not lung and blood symptoms, it’s safe to say he’s using covid as a cover for some other more embarrassing underlying condition.

    1. Are you a doctor, Universal Potentate???
      Some of you always think you know everything but yet you’re not a doctor. Another thing I am still waiting for an MRI and EEG to determine the results. From what I and my family were told was that I had a seizure that led me to having a stroke once they admitted me into the hospital they did tested for Covid19. I am still waiting to test negative so they can proceed with the MRI and EEG to determine if it was caused by the Covid19.
      So before you start judging know what the fuck you are talking about and trying to twist things around.

      It’s people like you that have nothing better to do than think shit up and don’t know what the hell youre even talking about. If you need to talk to my doctor I’ll allow access for you.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Yes. I have medical training but more specifically I minored in biochemistry. If Tex actually had COVID, I’d recommend ionic zinc, herbal quercetin and IV Vitamin C. That would prevent viral reproduction, reduce viral related swelling and eliminate the cytokine storm associated with COVID. However a cause for the seizure and stroke are still unknown. If it’s associated with long term steroid usage, which was NOT denied, a combination of oral chelators and a good ionic mineral combo should help the liver while removing arterial plaque. Everything I mentioned can be found with simple internet searches, a lot on Amazon. IV Vitamin C would be at a medical facility which practices “Functional Medicine.” Anything else you’d like to know?

        1. So… your not a doctor and google everything. Clever but everyone’s cases are different. But you are one of these that are smarter than all the doctors and knows everything but yet again, you’re not a real doctor.

          I am not denying anything, I am going by what my doctors are telling me. That is my real doctors

          1. Universal Potentate

            So you’re engaging in a fallacy of authority instead of using logic. You think that because I said something you find offensive, mostly by outting steroid usage, that you must find something insufficient about me personally because you cannot discredit what I am saying. And you’re clearly too emotional to say nothing, another sign of ‘roid rage. What we’ve seen of covid is that it’s a disease of the immune deficient. The symptoms you described are not that of reduced hemoglobin or cytokine storm. They more closely match steroid usage. Sorry but logic (not fallacy) dictates that the symptoms must follow from the cause. Explain how a yoing, fit man gets covid and I’ll concede the point.

          2. Let me start off by saying I do not do steroids and I haven’t in about 4 years and when I did I did not abuse them.

            If you have so much knowledge about the Covid19 you really should jump in and help find a solution for the virus instead trying to attack someone thinking that I am with holding some embarrassing Pre-existing problem as you claim.
            Why not focus on something else rather than thinking negativity about my health status. I only know what my doctor is telling me. If you think otherwise that’s your opinion and as you ARE NOT a doctor your opinion means nothing to me.

            Get yourself a life or go to medical school and become a real doctor and not just one from google.

            Have yourself a great day and life!

          3. Universal Potentate

            I literally just told you how to cure it. Read with your head, not your outrage.

  6. What a terrible deal handed to you, Tex! Your four-legged companion needs you. Get home soon! In the meantime, keep face-timing, journal, and mediate – you’ll be surprised how powerful these practices can be NOW and in the future. “Six nurses! Really? Hopefully, at least one or two of them were male? Cheers !!!

    1. They’re all hiding. Biting their nails and staying up under Max Konnor’s ass. Not one word of condolence or empathy from any of them. That Str8up hate train was nothing more than an agenda.

    2. I still support him and I support this dude he just caught this coronavirus he must been out here breaking quarantine because I seen his only fans he been doing orgies

      1. I know you’re not talking about me out doing orgies or only fans… Incase that was directed at me I want to make this very clear…..

        I am happily taken, we both have great careers making well above 6+ figures and just because I did porn at one part in my life does not mean I’m your typical porn guy in real life.

        I only keep my Twitter because I have met some great people along the way, I’ve worked with some great people and studios along the way but my life does not revolve around going out or having orgies or hooking up.
        I just want to clear the air for some of you.

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