Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen

Thar He Blows! Alex Mecum Erupts On a Boat

I gotta admit: Boat sex isn’t really my thing. It’s typically not that comfortable, and if the boat is moving that adds a whole new potential problem. Why can’t my boat sex ever be like this hot Falcon threeway?!

As Skyy Riders continues, the scenes keep getting better and better—especially because we get to see some of Alex Mecum (sexy as fuck sporting his salt-and-pepper daddy scruff) embracing his muscle sub side amid all the action as he joins Thyle Knoxx and Kit Cohen out on the water. (Thyle had another great outdoor threeway for his Falcon debut last year, also directed by Isa Elle and Raph North.)

Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen

Things start to heat up after they rub each other’s bodies down with sunscreen. Alex quickly exposes his girthy cock, which is soon surrounded by the two furry mouths of his buds as they lick his shaft from both sides (Thyle in particular works up some stellar spit drippings). This is arguably the hottest visual of this scene, unless you prefer the hot ass-eating train that soon follows with Alex and his jock butt in the middle.

Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen

Alex soon gets spit roasted, taking Kit’s dick and getting his mouth stuffed with Thyle’s pole. Kit then opens up his hole for Alex to drill down while Thyle sits on Kit’s face and suffocates him with his bubble but, although my favorite fuck sequence finds Kit sitting down on Alex as Thyle simultaneously sucks the bottom’s beefy boner.

Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, Kit Cohen

With a man at each end of his body, Kit then shoots all over himself right before Thyle and Alex unleash their loads to form a thick ocean of cum.

See the full scene at Falcon!


25 thoughts on “Thar He Blows! Alex Mecum Erupts On a Boat”

  1. I agree with you about Alex. I would love to lick him like a popsicle( and I will orally service his husband as well).I have a fellatio fetish and in the past I loved being the “guest star” with a gay couple because I get to suck 2 guys.

  2. Alex Mecum, is so hot every time i see him in porn scenes i just want to suck his beautiful dick and eat that fat ass. I wish he wasn’t married , but i here him and his husband are into threesome’s.

    1. I agree with you about Alex. I would love to lick him like a popsicle( and I will orally service his husband as well).I have a fellatio fetish and in the past I loved being the “guest star” with a gay couple because I get to suck 2 guys.

    2. Same here. Plus, I want sex so bad, in a few years I’m reaching 40 and I still haven’t encountered anyone who wants to do it with me. I post on xhamster and get comments from far away people who want to.

  3. This is my 3rd response but I do have to say that gays unfortunately do not have the same societal support that other minorities have. Now politicians can stand and talk badly about gays but no one asks them to step down as they would if they spoke against another minority. I do speak out about these subjects in the world outside of porn .

  4. Being gay is not a choice and I for one reject your “don’t rock the boat” mentality.
    G4P actors like Wesley Woods, Mason Lear, Brian Bond’s, Draven Navarro, Joel Someone Dillon Diaz etc. for years proclaimed they were gay, only later to come out as actually bi/pan and did so by first saying they were just being “open minded” when the truth was they weren’t gay!
    While it is true that bisexuals outnumber homosexuals, they aren’t the ones who support the gay community, they never have, they never will. The majority of bisexual men I have known throughout my lifetime have done their best to conceal the fact they haver sex with men.
    As far as Thyle is concerned, he lost my interest when he stated that he was just being “open minded” and stated he fully intends to do more bi porn in the future and enjoys having sex with women. If it walks like a duck, quacks like duck…
    If you’re bi say you’re bi quit trying to make it out that you’re interest in women is just being “open minded”, because you ain’t open minded you’re friggin’ bi.
    Being gay is not bigotry towards women and I’m fed up with these bisexual jerk hustlers trying to portray it that way.

    1. Actually I agree with the idea that bisexuals have never supported the gay community and I wrote several articles exorciating Wesley Woods for his attitude towards gays and his desperate attempt to disassociate himself from gays and his calling of them ” misogynist” because they will not put their penises in a woman. ” Misogyny” has nothing to do with where you put your penis. It is a state of mind whereby you do not like women as people and that applies to all the straight men who have made the laws that devalue women. I wrote about Wesley’s internalized homophobia and the fact that he, like many gays, worships at the altar of male heterosexuality. He seems to believe straight men are the “real men” and he wants to eventually be one so he gets the approval of the homophobes of his home town. I have never said it is “close minded” to be just gay and ALL my romantic relationships have been with men, never with a woman. I just happen to attract very masculine men and because of their upbringing, they think it is not for them to suck off another guy although they cannot get enough oral from me and if you knew just how much I love fellatio you would never accuse me of being bi. It is my only fetish and I am a master of it. More to come in the next text.

    2. I am also aware that bisexual men will use gay men for sex and then run to a woman to have the open respectability from society and be seen as “normal” as opposed to having a relationship with a man which makes you a pariah. It is not ALL bisexual men as I have had 3 bisexual boyfriends who were devoted to me, including my current one. I totally agree that being gay is not a choice. I think these guys like Wesley lied to us at first because they wanted a fan base and then decided to join the “cool kids” and then jettisoned us gays for a bigger fan base. Wesley loves the opposition to his “wokeness” and said he takes great joy in blocking people so all the ranting is only making them more emboldened. I think he is more gay than he is willing to admit but he will end up with a woman to get approval from his community of bigoted straight males. I never said being bi is more “open minded” and I never will claim that. You do not choose your orientation but I have chosen in the past to let a few women fellate me but that is just a little horniness on my part. I love getting and giving head. I do not do anal or vaginal, just oral.And I truly believe that SOME of the male celebrities that are coming out are just saying they are bi because it increases the fan base and makes them more “normal” in the eyes of society. As for your anger, it will not serve and it only make these so called “bisexual” porn actors more intent on filming bi porn.

    3. You’re absolutely right. I agree we need to continue calling them out. Quietness never constitutes change.
      My list of these guys continue to grow.
      Arad Winwin
      Riley Mitchel
      Ray Diesel
      Atlas Grant
      Leon Reddz
      Krave Melanin
      Avery Jones
      Austin Wolfe
      Jack Hunter
      Cade Maddox
      Jack Valor
      Corbin Colby
      Scott Demarco
      Sean Duran
      Brock Banks and many more.

  5. Mecum is getting a bit worn out looking lately and acts a bit girlie. I like butch guys like him act manly when they get fucked. Wish he stop shoving his hole!

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Alex Mecum. Can’t stop jacking to his scenes, and sometimes he commented on the jacking off video to those scenes on Twitter.

  7. Thyle Knoxx is a horrible and I don’t understand why the gays think he’s so stellar. Must I remind you that this dude along with William Seed got his dick sucked and fucked some chick in her pussy bareback for that horrifying Why Not Bi studio.

    Once he was ridiculed he cried out about how he’s still gay but he wanted to try it to add to his portfolio. What the fuck?? He was afraid to loose that following and that gay dollar. Seemed like everyone just swept that shit under the rug like it never happened.

    Now he wants to spread his ass and have sex with every dude in the industry to try to push that str8 shit back as a distant memory. No ma’am. He’s gross.

    Any scene he stars in goes down. Sad too because he’s with the beautiful Alex Mecum.

    1. OMG, he fucked a pussy! Let’s totally throw him out of the gay community. In fact we might as well just cut off his dick.

      With mines as small as yours, it’s no wonder we cannot make any progress in this world.

      1. Yes, because portraying homosexuality as a narrowminded choice is exactly what the community needs to progress in this world.

      2. Your response is exactly what’s wrong. Excusing these type of guys who do more harm than good. He just gives those who claim homosexuality is a choice by performing those type of sex acts and scenes and it’s harmful not helpful.

        We don’t need some “gay” guy sliding his dick inside some chick bareback and then parading around like he’s the gayest ever. That shit is inexcusable and dangerous. Point blank.

        His bullshit needs to be called out all day and every day.

        1. Calling this out with such vitriol will only backfire on us gays. Bisexuals think we are more narrow minded than straights ( which is totally wrong, by the way). Making the choice to have sex with a woman is not saying being gay is not enough ( hear that ,Wesley?)and it is just the porn industry. If it happened in the mainstream I would be pissed off. We have to back off this because it is just making the ones who do it more self righteous on their side. Stick with the “real” gay porn actors like Devin Franco, Diego Sans , Alex Mecum and yes Thyle is still gay even if he dipped his stick in a woman’s mouth. Alice and he seemed more like friends with benefits than anything else. I am telling you it will backfire on us if we continue to rant about this. A recent porn star( I really believe he is one of the 85% of actually straight “gay porn stars”) came out as” bisexual” and he said his fan base will now double. That is a VERY significant comment to make and it makes wonder if similar guys are doing this as well to increase their base.

    2. I am enthusiastically gay 95 percent but so what if I have had an occasional female suck my dick. They knew I was gay, it was not planned in advance and they were extremely gay friendly and progressively thinking women and not some ignorant moron who believed she could change me with some blowjob action. This angry reaction to Thyle ‘s sexual fluidity is only going to backfire on us gays. Now Wesley Woods is a completely different story and I have spoken ad nauseam about him. He sounds so phoney when he casually says , for example, that his pansexuality is showing today and that he wants pussy and dick. He says that basically being gay is not enough and any gay man who doesn’t have sex with a woman is “misogynistic” which is the wrong use of the word. He never speaks about all the straight men who are the most opposed to sexual fluidity of any group. He gives them a free pass because he wants to hopefully transition to being one so he can please all those homophobic straight thug’s and bigots in his community and they will think he is ” one of the boys” and a “real man”. Despite his attempt to disassociate himself from gays, he shares an annoying internalized homophobia that leads him to feel inner shame and treat other gays badly..Give Thyle a break. For myself, I love to suck a dick but sometimes the men I attract are selfish and want me to endlessly suck their dicks and do not return the favor for whatever reason. The women I have had were more than eager to both suck and swallow me and although just I love a man’s penis in my mouth, I also like to be sucked off as well and I have to admit some vanity present as they kept telling me how beautiful I was. Anyway, let’s be a little less like straight thug’s and allow the occasional sexual fluidity.

      1. I’m glad you commented and I respect your feelings but honestly your response is absolutely ridiculous.

        Let me give you a scenario. It’s like saying there’s a lot of racists ones out in our world but let’s not call them out when they exhibit the behavior or commit a hate crime. If we call them out it just gives them more of a platform and they gain more of a following. So let’s just stay quiet and allow them to continue their tyranny on the world so it doesn’t make us look bad.

        NO. Every time Thyle and others like him perform str8 sex acts and then claim they’re gay and the just wanted to be open minded, they’re going to get called out and it needs to happen. I don’t give a damn if bisexuals out way homosexuals. It needs to be called out. These are the same guys that will try their best to demonize gay men if they don’t want to follow this fluidity narrative. Riley Mitchel is another one too. Arad Winwin, Wesley Woods did the same thing and so has countless others.

        They play the whole if G4P guys can do it, we can too. That shit is absurd. Being gay isn’t a choice or a fling it’s who you whole heartedly are in every way. Any “gay” guy that entertains the idea of having any sort of sexual encounter with a female or female genitalia isn’t gay they’re bisexual and that 5% of you that lets women suck your dick and they know you’re “gay” classifies you into that category with the rest of them.

        We fought hard to be recognized as gay and continue to do so and so when we have these types of guys trying to erase those lines, it’s our job to do damage control and correct them in any way necessary. Just like bisexuals want to be voiced and heard, gays need to continue to do the same.

        1. I feel sometimes gays are being erased but you cannot expect porn stars to behave. Some of them will have sex with anyone. Some do it for the money and the fan base. Arad Win-win realizes what he did but sometimes they are trolling people. Wesley loves to troll and he has his new base to support him so he doesn’t need us gays anymore. He grew up in a conservative Texas community so he has absorbed their disgusting homophobia and the gay bashing he received made it worse. He loves those str8 guys though and he loves to bottom for them. Check out his text war with Donte Thicke and pay close attention to Dante calling Wesley out for having sex with a woman so he could hang out with Dante. It’s like the lesser popular student wanting the approval of the school jock Wesley is more gay than he realizes but he will never admit such a thing because although he says he doesn’t care what others think, he definitely wants the approval of str8 men. I still believe Diego Sans when he says85% of “gay ” porn stars are str8 so there is going to be more bi porn from them. This battle we cannot win but we Can make societal improvements for ourselves outside the porn industry which is run by homophobes anyway.

        2. I guess we differ about my sexuality. I always identified as gay wholeheartedly but I guess I was a bisexual opportunist a few times. It was just a sexual fluidity I thought just as many self-describred “straight” men have found their way into my bedroom ( one of them for 4 months, another for 11 months). I am just as mad that bisexual men are pretty indifferent to gay issues and yet THEY believe they are the ones who are having a hard time. A bisexual man can always run into the arms of a woman anytime he wants and be seen as “normal” and you have some gays that drool in their socks over bi and str8 men. We have to stop that. When I met those “straight ” men, I knew they were lying to me ( and themselves) but I outwardly went along with it and I should have ignored instead of sleeping with them. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot secretly have your fun with gay men and then display your heterosexuality by attaching yourself to a female for the approval of a shortsighted and bigoted society.I have always proudly declared I am gay despite a little sexual fluidity now and then but we cannot expect these str8 porn stars to stop doing bi porn. I will never see a Wesley Woods porn of any kind but I do not think he will lose any sleep over it. Diego Sans, Chris Harder, Max Konnor and many more are not in bi porn and Arad should be forgiven. He is not like an arrogant Wesley. I do not let it pass when deplorables like Da Baby insult gays but this is just porn.

          1. Sounds to me like you need to stop saying you’re gay when it’s obvious your bisexual. Let’s put it plan and simple.. fluidity is bullshit. Fluidity is a slick way of saying bisexual. If you’re having girls sucking your dick in the past and present… you’re bi and theres nothing wrong with that.

            Diego has started doing trans porn with trans women so I doubt he’s as gay as he tries convey. He’s sucking tits and all of that so he’s ridiculous. He won’t bottom but he’ll suck on double Ds.

            Max Konnor is sliding into vaginas left and right now so he’s off the gay list too. He’s crying I’m gay while licking pussy like it’s going out of style.

            Arad doesn’t get a pass because he’s a nice guy. He knew he was gonna be fucking a female and did it anyway. He just tried to reverse things when it didn’t blow over and his gay following called him out. He gave us this sad story about fleeing the Middle East because of his homosexuality and then he engages in str8 sex for a porn scene. Dudes a fucking joke and anyone who forgives him for that is a sucker.

            These guys are simply put POS. What they need to do is stop trying to milk the gay label and gay dollar and admit that they’re bi and let’s move on.

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