Glory Hole Gay Porn

The Best Glory Holes Scenes Of 2021 (So Far!)

If you’re the type of guy who likes to put their hard shaft into any and every open hole they can find, then listen up! It’s time to list off some of the best and holiest videos from the past 6 or so months.

That’s right – for today’s perverted list, we’re taking a look at the best glory hole scenes from 2021. This collection of bareback glory hole pornos features everything from your standard bathroom fuck hole to a glory hole photoshoot to a glorious shower curtain. A true rainbow of glory hole content!

Take a look at our top picks below and let us know what you think down in the comments! Do you have a favorite scene? Did we miss your favorite 2021 glory hole video? Sound off below!

Glory Hole Gay Porn

Show Hard

While this entire Raging Stallion film takes place in a dirty and sleazy public restroom, this is the scene to watch if you want to witness some glory hole action! You can’t beat the combination of Falcon|NakedSword exclusive Sean Maygers’ delicious daddy dick and fellow exclusive Beau Butler’s eager open mouth. [Watch]

Glory Hole Gay Porn


When Theo Brady  and Felix Fox get a little too horny taking their graduation photos, Felix decides to take advantage of a slit in the photo backdrop and ass blast Theo through his backless gown. And yes, this is a very unconventional glory hole, but it’s still a hole that we’re considering glorious, so it makes this list! [Watch]

Glory Hole Gay Porn

Glorious Debut At Boyberry

Featuring Jorge Sainz, Vadim Romanov, and an unnamed mystery stud, this Fuckermate scene just dropped a few days ago and is already one of my favorite glory holes scenes of the year. I mean, those dicks are just too big to leave off this list! [Watch]

Glory Hole Gay Porn

Suckin’ At The Hole

Can you imagine chilling at your neighborhood glory hole and Chris Damned’s massive daddy cock just poked its way through your bathroom stall?! That shit is what dreams are made of. Beaux Morgan should consider himself one lucky man. [Watch]

Glory Hole Gay Porn

Family Secrets At The Glory Hole

Okay, so this scene technically doesn’t drop until July 1, but it features Michael Roman delicious daddy dick getting sucked off by stepson Ryan Kneeds. I think it’s pretty safe to assume this scene will give us at least one or two quality nut sessions. [Watch]

Glory-ous Shower Fuck

Another unconventional glory hole situation! This family fuck scene features mustached twink Ryan Jacobs slipping his hard cock through a hole in the shower curtain to bareback daddy Markus Kage who is already fucking muscle daddy Alex Mecum! [Watch]


11 thoughts on “The Best Glory Holes Scenes Of 2021 (So Far!)”

  1. I one time pissed on a guy through a gloryhole. He was old, fat and disgusting and wouldn’t take no for an answer so I let him think I would let him suck me and I hosed him down with piss. I know he was soaked and I zipped up, laughed and walked out. This was in a dept store so you know he had to do the walk of shame.

    1. I agree, if I look through a glory here and I see some old fat gross man, horny or not, he does not deserve my cock. I will zip up and leave and I will turn off the lights when I walk out.

  2. A friend of mine is fucking hilarious. He waits for guys to stick their dicks through the glory hole and starts to jack them while using a permanent thick Sharpie to draw or write crude sayings on their dicks and they have no clue. Explain that to your wife or partner why you have things permanently on your cock. Lol! Like what are they going to do, tell the cops what happened while they were involved in public restroom sex. I read that this is happening alot now and it is called, tagging.

    1. Well, it’s better than some of the alternatives but a man who does this deserves what inevitably is going to happen.

      We’ll look for it in the news and declare it “fucking hilarious.”

  3. Thanks for this post. Glory holes are the best. Very first sexual encounter was through one (super horny teenage boy willing to put my dick into any hole!). Since that day, just the thought of it gets me going. Seems like they’ve gone out of fashion (well, here in the UK anyway) and there are hardly any left. When fortunate enough to find one though, the g-hole etiquette is seriously amiss.

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