The Black Spark (Who Was CollegeDude247’s “Josh Stark”) Is Now Corbin Fisher’s “Kevin”

Oh, boy.

Today, Corbin Fisher introduces us to Kevin, who looks sort of familiar! I had heard weeks ago that the Black Spark (a.k.a. College Dude’s “Josh Stark”) had gone to work for Corbin Fisher, and today they’ve released his first solo. I can’t wait for them to release a duo video telling us it’s Kevin’s “first time” with another guy.

Corbin Fisher does a lot of weird things, but this may be the weirdest. The Black Spark was the mainstream gay media’s favorite safe way to talk about gay porn (“it’s actually art!”) for at least a couple of months earlier this year (Queerty, Out,  Boy Culture, Towleroad and others all had stories on him), so you’d think Corbin Fisher–the same Corbin Fisher who sends out press releases to announce that they’re suing a Lollipop Twink for using one of their images–would capitalize on the publicity by getting the word out that they’ve employed (and unmasked) the Black Spark–the same Black Spark who made the mainstream gay news that he did by virtue of the mystery surrounding his identity. But, no. Instead? “Kevin.

Let’s hope Josh/Black/Kevin stops at three names, or else he could become the next Jason Crystal. Also, let’s not forget that he’s still really fucking hot.

From left to right: Black Spark, Josh Stark from College Dudes, and Kevin from Corbin Fisher. Three different looks, one performer.

26 thoughts on “The Black Spark (Who Was CollegeDude247’s “Josh Stark”) Is Now Corbin Fisher’s “Kevin””

  1. I didn’t hear about this Black Spark guy / project until recently. It seems most of the videos and interviews were released in the first part of 2011. It’s now August 2013. I heard about a projected tour, videos involving fans, and an interesting mix of stories and different characters. I was in love with the idea of something so creative and it created such a buzz. A lot of the videos have vanished online. The original Twitter account for Black Spark is closed (well there aren’t any public entries I can see). There have been multiple Tumblrs using the videos or images and one really hot one was named “Deerborn”, but that was closed eventually too. And now is “Deerborn and the Super Chorus” I think. And a lot of the videos are just gone now. So, it’s all pretty confusing. So what happened to all the plans? Did the Black Spark project run into some sort of legal snafu? Was there drama behind the scenes over actors and who got credit?

    I honestly don’t care who Black Stark is (although the guy in the audio interviews seemed to be a really nice nice guy!), I just loved the concept and the beauty of this project.

  2. JasonP: “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    Seriously, you don’t do Kevin/Josh/Whoever any favors professionally by lying and playing coy semantic games and having a douchebag attitude about the whole silly thing.

  3. I wonder how Corbin Fisher is going to treat his sex scenes. Are they going to be FULLY CONDOMed or BAREBACK like in the Black Spark videos? What about HIV testing? He (the black spark) has a lot of anon bare sex.

  4. I find all this bickering rather boring and mundane…let’s say that these ‘three’ individuals are the same person, who the fuck cares. We are being entertained by an amazingly hot guy which is what we all want or we wouldn’t frequent the Sword blog. Zach and jason just let bygones be bygones and get along so your audience can continue enjoying porn drama free!

  5. i don’t really care but the two guys in these photos are the same… the ear shape is enough for a positive ID, but throw in eye brows, bone structure around the temples, the hair.

    Seriously, Zach, Jason, why don’t the two of you just fuck and let us get on with things.

  6. The mole on his inner thigh near his hole… it is there in all three shots. Case Closed. Stop lying JasonP.

    1. Lady, Dru sits there and leads him through his solo under the premise that if he practices in front of him, Kevin won’t be nervous being naked on camera. Sooo hot.

        1. If those two don’t end up in a full-action scene sometime in the near future, I will abandon all delusions I might have that we live in a largely-benevolent universe.

  7. “…so you’d think Corbin Fisher–the same Corbin Fisher who sends out press releases to announce that they’re suing a Lollipop Twink for using one of their images–would capitalize on the publicity by getting the word out that they’ve employed (and unmasked) the Black Spark–the same Black Spark who made the mainstream gay news he did by virtue of the mystery surrounding his identity. But, no.”

    Zach, it’s very simple. “Josh” isn’t “Black Spark”…

    Thanks for the mention though


    1. So, Josh/Kevin isn’t Black Spark the filmmaker. We’ll go with that. Sure. That’s generally accepted as common knowledge. But, clearly Josh Stark was Black Spark, the character. So, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with this disingenuous tapdance.

      1. The very nature of this post is disingenuous. Just mimicking Zach I suppose. I’m generally amused by the lot of it

        1. JasonP, is this what The Black Spark (now a concept, not just one person, we get it), is paying you to do as a manager? Picking fights (which you can’t and won’t win) with bloggers and leaving comments on blogs, as opposed to actually “managing” whatever is left of his/their/its career? What happened to that nationwide tour? Have you got licensing for any of the music used in the videos? Is posting recycled old videos on Tumblr every few months the extent of your publicity strategy to maintain interest and a presence on the Internet? Yikes.

          1. Zach,

            I’m able to do whatever I like with my time. Black Spark is off doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing…working, you understand.

            You make a post about him, I respond and you call it picking fights. Your bait and switch game is seriously lacking. You can do better.It isn’t for you to be concerned about what is or is not happening. We are progressing as planned and doing so without your business acumen thrown into the mix.

            You posit that Corbin Fisher should have used “The Black Spark” because that would help their marketing. It probably would. They didn’t use it because they have no rights to do so. That is an actual answer, but that doesn’t seem to be something you’re really concerned about.

            Riddle me this…Are we not allowed to have an actual conversation? You seem to have some sort of victim mentality as it relates to me/us but I don’t get it. My words are hardly attacks. Frankly, if you had bothered to ring my phone I would have been happy to share some of the very interesting things happening but maybe you find it more easier/more interesting to write these posts without any real information thrown into the mix.


          2. The very fact that you still won’t admit that “Kevin/Josh” was the same person who played the Black Spark’s lead/main character and was the face of The Black Spark from its inception doesn’t make you a believable or serious contributor to this post or any post relating to Black Spark. You can play semantics all you want, but the guy in the porn was the same guy in your “art.” Sorry. Also, you called me disingenuous in an earlier comment when there is in fact nothing disingenuous here. I consider that picking a fight. If this is how you choose to spend your time, making defensive and dishonest remarks on an entry within seconds of it being published, I’m really embarrassed for you. Goodbye.

          3. Zach,

            You must be losing it. We’ve had a conversation about this before and we’ve already been down the “Josh Stark” isn’t “Black Spark” road (on the phone actually) and I addressed that very thing with you. Semantics matter a great deal. I don’t know you. I called your post disingenuous. I only imagine you intend good things but you spend a lot of time being negative.

            How I got here seconds after you posted is beyond me since the “Kevin” video was pointed out to me 3 hours ago and I had no idea what they were talking about until I happened to come here. Though, I do have a knack for timing, nothing about what I said has been dishonest.

            You take yourself and the shit you write about way too seriously. You write this stuff and you’re embarrassed for me? LOL

          4. Zach I owe you an official apology and I’m giving it to you in print. I took you to task and gave you some shit awhile back about how I thought you were unfairly giving the “Black Spark” folks some hell (a confusion about a new/old video.) You clearly knew something I didn’t about these people. This JasonP is coming across like a total douchebag and splitting hairs over semantics. Perhaps Josh Stark wasn’t BLACK SPARK to him, but he was clearly BLACK SPARK to the fans who cared about BLACK SPARK. He’s clearly bitter that Josh Stark has de-camped and there you have it.

            So Zach, I officially and utterly apologize to you for thinking you were being hard on these folks. You clearly knew what you were doing and I should have just kept my big trap shut. I was wrong and I’m sorry.

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