The Most Obnoxious Scenes of 2022 (So Far!)

From funeral sex to fellating a carrot, from mustard dick to dick in a box, has tested our patience this year. (Oh, and did we mention the never-ending parade of women?!). We recently looked at The Best Scenes of 2022 (So Far!), part of our series on The Best Scenes of 2022. But what about the most absurd scenes from the studio? Which is your (least) favorite? Vote in our poll!

10. “Glory Hole Abstraction”

Pierce Paris and Paul Canon hit the art museum to give us “Dick (and Ass) in a Box: The Sequel.” [Watch]

Pierce Paris, Paul Canon

9. “The Cockout”

Joey Mills and Felix Fox suck mustard cocks and fuck pies. Even worse? A woman looks shocked when she sees it. [Watch]

Joey Mills, Felx Fox

Joey Mills, Felx Fox

8. Curtain Double Feature: “Emergency Dick Part 1” / “Bo Bottoms Again!”

Oh yay, more fucking behind a curtain! Cause that happens. In “Emergency Dick Part 1″ [Watch], Benjamin Blue gets a shot from Clark Delgaty while helping a patient; and in “Bo Bottoms Again!” [Watch], Mr. Sinn rides Malik Delgaty as an unknowing masseur works on him.

Benjamin Blue, Clark Delgaty

Bo Sinn, Malik Delgaty

7. “Dick’s On the Menu”

Gay patrons and a waiter (inclding Ashton Summers and Clark Delgaty) get really hungry in a restaurant as shocked straight onlookers gasp. [Watch]

Ashton Summers, Clark Delgaty

6. “Jackhammered & Drilled (Part 1)”

Bo Sinn makes a mistake when he shoves his dick through the wrong gloryhole, getting Dane Jaxson instead. [Watch]

Bo Sinn, Dane Jaxson

5. Tattoo Chick Twofer: “Steaming The Straight Jock” / “Silent Fuck”

Tattoo chick is back for more, getting shocked in “Steaming The Straight Jock” [Watch] as Malik Delgaty and Chris Cool fool around; and being an unwanted bystander when Felix Fox and Clark Delgaty do naked yoga in “Silent Fuck.” [Watch]

Malik Delgaty, Chris Cool

Felix Fox, Clark Delgaty

4. “First Class Fuckfest”

Sigh…Roman Todd, you’re too good for this tripe (you too, Devy.) [Watch]

Roman Todd, Devy

3. “Fucking The Snowman”

What in God’s name?! Benjamin Blue fellates and rides a carrot before the snowman comes to life in the form of Bo Sinn. (Originally a Bromo scene, but same diff.) [Watch]

Bo Sinn, Benjamin Blue Bo Sinn, Benjamin Blue

2. “Top Of The Mourning”

How could there possibly be anything more offensive than Theo Brady, Johnny Donovan and Clark Delgaty faking a death and fucking around at a funeral?! [Watch]

Theo Brady, Johnny Donovan, Clark Delgaty

1. “Balls Dipped”

Congrats, You made me hate something even more than that funeral scene, which at least has some hot sequences if you squint and forget where you are. But this scene with Malik Delgaty and Tayler Tash manages to enrage me from start to finish. Who is this being made for, anyway?! Check out the trailer to share in my second-handed shame. [Watch]

Malik Delgaty, Tayler Tash

See them all at! Which one is your least favorite? Vote in our poll below, and stay tuned for more of our coverage of The Best Scenes of 2022!

Best of 2022

9 thoughts on “The Most Obnoxious Scenes of 2022 (So Far!)”

  1. Hmmm.. I wonder how many writers employs. If the issue is that’s scenes are obnoxious, then perhaps what they need are new ideas. It’s not easy for 1 or 2 people to constantly come up with new ideas for thematic porn. Perhaps they need to hold a contest or something and have their members submit story ideas. If the fans are irritated or annoyed, then they must have ideas on better plot lines, right? I’m going to guess that women have become a part of’s scenes because of the overwhelming obsession that gay men generally have for “straight men” sexual encounters. Personally, I don’t mind it if it’s done tastefully. Sometimes the women can be a bit too much… but hey, it’s just a thought.

  2. No self-respecting gay man would have a membership. Even if you ignore the overall stupidity of their “storylines,” the constant, unnecessary addition of women in GAY MALE PORN, is so obnoxious, I’d never get through a scene.

  3. has crashed and burned. It’s stars are either overly tattooed like billboards, way too girlie ,too many woman , stupid storylines and most of all they are uuggggllllyyy!
    Where are the real gay men the handsome ones that don’t need to shave their pubes or pits. Real men that don’t have to cover themselves in tattoos to try and look masculine.,
    The site should be called girls girls girls!

  4. lost their edge. They’ve become too stupid to see they’re killing the brand. That is why they are losing members. Not only that, but since they went to a different streaming system, it is SLOW. It would not surprise me to see them go out of business with their stupid scenes….especially those w/ women, artificial man made women and chicks w/ dicks.

      1. Being gay is not transphobic. However, insisting gay men and women ignore their same SEX attractions is extremely homophobic.

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