Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak

This Hot 8-Inch Dick Finally Returns to Timtales

Back when we first met this hung Venezuelan last summer, I was hoping we were going to see a lot more of him. An agonizing five months later, he’s finally back at the studio where he started.

His name is Alberth Pineda, who we first saw using his big and curvy cock to plow Steven Angel last August, soon following it it up by fucking Colombian Rudalo. The cute twink has just appeared in one Fuckermate scene since, and now he’s back at Timtales with fellow South American hottie Andrea Novak, a fuzzy Peruvian with killer eyes (whose threeway taking the big dicks of Tim Kruger and Mario Galeno was a 2022 highlight!).

Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak

Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak

We’ve always seen Alberth with his trademark big-framed black glasses, but he’s ditched the spectacles for this scene (not gonna lie…I kinda miss them, but it does allow us to see his cute face without any distraction). Andrea looks even sexier wrapping his gorgeous lips around that big shaft, and then bends over to take it.

Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak

Alberth Pineda, Andrea Novak

Especially fantastic is watching the bottom spread his legs as he gets fucked on his back, because it gives us a great look at his his fuzzy chest (I’m in love with it!) and (even better) his own rock-hard cock, which stays nice and stiff as he takes it. The bottom sucks out a hot load from Alberth at the end, a cummy kiss ending their hot encounter. Don’t make us wait so long the next time, Alberth!

See the full scene at Timtales!


4 thoughts on “This Hot 8-Inch Dick Finally Returns to Timtales”

  1. This is what’s wrong with today’s Male Porn. They put a semi-cute crappy body guy as a top just because he has a big DK. There is to many bad looking guys in Male Porn. It’s gotten so Boring. And Predictable.

  2. Intentionaly Left Blank

    They are great, but I do wish that TT tops were a little more engaged and not just big cock attached to meat puppets.

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