Thoughts On Spencer Reed’s New Tattoo?

Thankfully, I think this one turned out better than his last tattoo, which you’ll remember was the “worst tattoo of all time.” But judge for yourself below.

I think that’s supposed to be an alien DJ playing records, and I’m not good at trying to read into the messages of tattoos (nor do I care, tbh) but I think I can see the words “music,” “answer,” “is,” and “the.”

Do you love or hate Spencer Reed’s new tattoo?


28 thoughts on “Thoughts On Spencer Reed’s New Tattoo?”

  1. I work around 60 hours a week just to get by – yet I get consistently complimented on the tattoos I can afford in a town with SIX shops that do tattoos/piercings.

    Love or hate ink…it’s still PAINFUL to see guys that travel the world continue to get ugly work done.

    The idea here is fine…the execution, however, leaves much to be desired.
    You’d think he’d do a little research after the derpy fighting bear (linked above)!

  2. One day the sword may be updated with a post about Zach getting run over by a bus (karma IS a bitch)… hopefully one of his loyal readers will TYPE a tear for him

  3. tatoos are so common anymore nothing at all special or different or really that interesting…its like owning a cell phone…everyone has one, its almost annoying not seeing any hot guys without one anymore…geez give it a break..

  4. It’s okay. My personal tattoo style is different. I’m sure he seriously thought about this tattoo after his dislike of the other one he got in Germany.

  5. The tattoo is fine. I love Spencer Reed. I just dont like how every porn star or director turns to be a DJ. Stick to what you do best… PORN

    1. Because the new digital turntables do the beatmixing for them and they need no talent to perform. If you can use iTunes, you can be a crappy pornstar DJ. It’s become another job where they can make money off their looks, because trust me, that’s the ONLY reason anybody shows up. Just listen to some of these guys’ podcasts… *cough**TristanJaxx**cough*. They can’t make it through an hour without fucking up, even though the machine does all the work for them. Real DJ’s can go through more than a couple hours without a beatmixing tragedy, match keys, build transitions, interleave 3 or 4 songs at a time, tell a story, etc. Something NONE of these pornstar DJ’s will ever be capable of.

      1. Thank you Johnny, jeeeez, you nailed it! When some dude tells me they “DJ” I fight ‘obvious-eye-roll’ reflex, unless it’s Nicolas Jaar, maybe. Laughably, ‘porn DJs’ have become the latest fringe-cliche for sex-workers…*cough**Tattoos**cough*…to add to the ‘personal-trainer/porn-star/escort/prostitute/massage’ paradigm. Pretty-Porn-People are rarely told the truth about their out-of-bed talents (or lack thereof) when they are still pretty: They usually find out the cold-hard-sad way. Gosh…I wonder how I know that? ;-)

  6. I honestly don’t understand why you feel the need to pick on this guy at every opportunity Zach… I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Spencer and it’s actually a pretty stand up guy… Aside from a few obvious people ,he never had a single bad word to say about anyone… I was looking to book another porn star for a gig… Spencer sent me his contact details and gave us a rave review… He might have been paid for his appearance, but I certainly wasn’t the one signing his pay check… In other words he was under no obligation to be nice to me, yet I haven’t a bad word to say about the guy…

    1. “I honestly don’t understand why you feel the need to pick on this guy at every opportunity Zach… ”

      Maybe he turned down an offer from Naked Sword. LOL.

  7. I don’t like tatoos in general. If I had one I’ll be desperate to erase it but I recognise that some of them are beautiful works and some people know how to use/”wear” them. I think the one Preston Steel has on his back is a good exemple of it. Sorry but I didn’t like this one. Too much color to see during all the rest of his life or too much money spent on uncountables laser removal sessions. BTW: ” Music is the answer “…L.O.L.

  8. I think it’s really great artwork, but I can’t really say it is great for him or not until I see a pic with the rest of him. I like that he added color. Too much black tats gets really old.

  9. It’s unique, and therefore I approve. Futura 2000 would approve. Um, that tattoo isn’t on his dick, is it? Honestly, I’d approve a moratorium on all tattoos for next 10 years on.

    1. You’d think the emphasis would be on MUSIC, if it is the answer.

      And he really should have considered his back if he was going to do a big, colorful tattoo. It would help cover up the acne.

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