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Top 10 Cumtastic CockyBoys Scenes of 2023

From a six-orgy to a a DP gang bang, from real-life couples to long-awaited returns, from a triple cumshot to a bukkake, CockyBoys was on fire this year. Which one of our Top 10 scenes is your favorite from 2023?

10. Greyson Myles Double Feature: Andrew Stark / Aiden Ward

Andrew Stark, Greyson Myles

Greyson Myles, Aiden Ward

Greyson and his hot hole saw a lot of action this year, but two of our favorite fucks featured the return of hung Andrew Stark to porn after a six-year absence (in the CockyBoys/RandyBlue collab Boys Will Be Boys) [WATCH], and the triple-cumshot that Aiden Warn delivered [WATCH].

9. Hazel Hoffman & Finn August

Finn August, Hazel Hoffman

Do you prefer Hazel as a top or a bottom? Watch him do both in this paring with his real-life BF! [WATCH]

8. Cody Seiya & Lane Colten

Lane Colten, Cody Seiya

So many great scenes by these two versatile studs, but this flip-fuck pairing in particular was especially amazing. [WATCH]

7. Nick Floyd & Trevor Brooks

Nick Floyd, Trevor Brooks

Nick shows off his amazing flexibility (which we have seen a lot of since!) as he takes Trevor’s hot knob! [WATCH]

6. Sean Xavier & Roman Todd

Sean Xavier, Roman Todd

Watching verbal Roman completely submit to Sean and his big dick is fantastic, and I love how Sean strokes the jock’s hard boner as he fucks him. [WATCH]

5. Braxton Cruz & Daniel Evans

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

Daniel is having an amazing time taking Braxton’s big thick cock up both his holes, and his enthusiasm is infectious. [WATCH]

4. Manifest: Nick Floyd Gangbang

Nick Floyd Gangbang

Nick gets a bukkake session [WATCH PART 1] and then a DP gangbang [WATCH PART 2] from the likes of Roman Todd, Tony Genius, Trevor Brooks, Tristan Hunter and Ty Santana.

3. Dom King x4

Dom King

Dom is at his aggressive best when he uses his big dick to control Nick Floyd [WATCH], Shae Reynolds [WATCH]. Greyson Myles [WATCH] and Evan Knoxx [WATCH]. We can’t pick just one…there is never enough Dom in our lives!

2. Boys Will Be Boys: Episode 4

Diego Sans, Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx

Diego Sans returned to the studio where he started his career as RandyBlue did this collab with CockyBoys. Here, he and Daniel Evans manhandle Evan Knoxx. [WATCH]

1. Happy Endings: Six-Man Orgy

Happy Endings

The studio’s first orgy in six years features Cody Seiya, Greyson Myles, Lane Colten, Shae Reynolds, Trevor Brooks and Tristan Hunter sucking and fucking with passion. [WATCH]

Which 2023 CockyBoys scene is your favorite?

best of 2023

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Cumtastic CockyBoys Scenes of 2023”

  1. Dom King x4 is #1. Dom should do a scene where Nick Floyd, Shae Reynolds, Greyson Miles and Evan Knoxx are the lucky members of The Dom’s harem. Every week each of them could have his own day with the Dom and on the other 3 days they compete for his attention.

  2. The best for me is Kyle Denton. I hope Cockyboys brings him back for many more scenes. His handsome face and hairy body are a sight to behold. Kyle is a bright new star in gay porn. I would love to see him with Lane Colton, Sean Xavier, Paul Wagner, Dean Phoenix, Ryan Russo, Dex Devall, and Adam Gregory.

  3. CockyBoys needs to refresh itself. It’s not 2017 anymore.

    Get a young ambitious gay who just graduated NYU film and bring new creativity to this tired brand.

    1. 100% agree…..the magic is gone….and perhaps this two owners are to old now….not enough money….or just getting tired of al this…

  4. It was an outstanding year for Cockyboys …. so many great scenes and movies. The scene with Tony Genius & Ty Santana definitely needs to be on this list.

    1. outstanding boring….80% of the scenes are shoot in one and the same room….lightning feels like NFL…again and again the same actors….just the fucking…no more interviews, or a special “moment” with the actors, about their life…..i really miss Levi Karter and his homemade movies….Cockyboys missed his “face”….now its just fucking person A with person B….the art, and this special thing about “Camp Cockyboy” is gone together with Levi Karter, and the other guys from this “generation”…..it looks, that the studio have extrem financial problems, there must be a reason, for this extrem low budget now….there is no more special setdesign…story..interview….etc…just junk….very sad….a real cockyboys scene is not existing in 2023….RIP.

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