Top 10 Timtales Scenes of 2021!

Featuring the studio’s first five-man orgy in nearly two years, the long-awaited return of some big-dicked tops (and a great power bottom!), a lot of Tim Kruger cock (yay!) and a smorgasbord of double penetrations, Timtales kept us stuffed in 2021. Which scene is your favorite? Vote in our poll!

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10. Gaucho fucks Santiago Rodriguez
There’s few people I like watching ride big dick more than handsome Santiago, and the cool red lighting in the Gaucho paring makes him stand out even more (hey, Timtales…experiment more with stuff like this!).

9. Nano Maso Fucks John Thomas
It was over a year since we saw handsome John at Timtales, and it was worth the wait. It’s rare for a bottom to be the one who steals your attention at Timtales, but John is that rare breed that can do it…especially when he sits don’t on Nano’s big dick and rides it like a champ with his muscle bod!
John Thomas, Nano Maso
8. (tie) The Return of Big-Dicked Tops Ethan Metz and Charlie Cherry!
Speaking of returns, I can’t pick just one of these studs…I’m so excited about both of them! Hung French top Ethan finally made his 2021 debut after a while away, and his super schlong made for a great Pride celebration with Oskar Ivan. Meanwhile, after a three-year absence, Philip Zyos (perhaps you remember him at Lucas Entertainment) returns as Charlie Cherry. The name is different, but that hot big cock and handsome face are the same when he fucks cute Leo.

Ethan Metz, Oskar Ivan

Charlie Cherry, Leo

7. Tim Kruger Fucks Valdo Smith
Valdo is so much fun to watch, one of the most involved bottoms to ride the Tim train. He has a lot of personality and it shows, and he brings some personality out of Tim.

Tim Kruger, Valdo Smith

6. DP Double Feature: Ridick’s DP Session with Tim Kruger & Lucio Davoli / Saverio’s first DP (with Gaucho & Mario Galeno)
How can we pick between super cute newbie Ridick worshipping two big dicks and getting a sideways piledriver DP….

Ridick, Tim Kruger, Lucio Davoli Ridick, Tim Kruger, Lucio Davoli

…and handsome Saverio in his glasses getting double stuffed by big-dicked tops Gaucho and Mario Galeno?

Saverio, Mario Galeno, Gaucho Saverio, Mario Galeno, Gaucho

5. The Benjamin King Twofer: with Tim Kruger & Diego Mattos
Just.Fucking. Stunning. UK stud Benjamin is a vision from head to toe, and he gets his studio cherry popped by Tim (thank you for bring him to us, Mr. Kruger!). In his follow-up scene, Benjamin gets his hole destroyed (and his pretty face creamed!) by Diego Mattos, making his return after a nine-month absence.

Benjamin King, Tim Kruger Benjamin King, Diego Mattos

4. Triple Feature: Michl Amundson DPs Galore!
It’s a double penetration smorgasbord! German bottom Michl has had not one, not two, but THREE double penetration sessions already this year. Which one is your fave? If pressed, I’d pick the Mario Galeno and Gaucho scene (a great pair of hung tops; the shots of Michl staying stiff as he sits down on both and rides is so fucking hot), but you can’t go wrong with the Tim Kruger & Gaucho DP pairing, or the Mario Galeno & Tian Tao DP.

Michl Amundson, Mario Galeno, Gaucho
Michl Amundson, Mario Galeno & Gaucho
Michl Amundson, Tim Kruger, Gaucho
Michl Amundson, Tim Kruger & Gaucho
Michl Amundson, Mario Galeno, Tian Tao
Michl Amundson, Mario Galeno & Tian Tao

3. Rhyheim Shabazz & Elijah Zayne
Timtales surprised us with two Rhyheim scenes in the same weekend, including his pairing with Italo Andrade. But this steamy pairing with Elijah is filled with palpable passion, and great shots of Elijah (in his only studio scene) staying stiff as he takes that huge cock.

hyheim Shabazz, Elijah Zayne

2. Tim Kruger fucks Oskar Ivan
The scene where Tim creampies Oskar and facials himself at the same time. Legendary!!!

Tim Kruger, Oskar Ivan

Tim Kruger, Oskar Ivan

  1. “Fiesta de Pollones” with Nano Maso, Valentino Sistor, Oskar Ivan, Franklin Acevedo, Abel Sanztin
    Timtales presents its first five-man orgy in nearly two years, and its filled with fun positions and some hot DP and spit roast action as Oskar and Valentino worship three big dicks.

Fiesta de Pollones

Which scene is your favorite? Vote in our poll!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Timtales Scenes of 2021!”

  1. None of them…I do like to watch a BIG DICK ANAL ASSAULT devoid of passion, kissing, body contact…it is like watching a machine fuck these guys…it is so DAMN lame

  2. haltporninitstracks

    Mmm let’s see my favorite scene is NONE OF THEM. THIS IS ALL SO GROSS AND UNACCEPTABLE. Stop porn in its tracks and this harmful industry. GROSS GROSS GROSS. They keep on perpetuating anorexia nerviosa and body dysmorphia. THATS NOT HOT NOW IS IT UGH.

    1. But, I like porn. Sometimes, with food. Not porn where people have sex that involves food. But, sometimes, I eat food while watching porn. I’m not a huge fan of Tim Tales, but all porn isn’t bad. Not everyone decides they want to have a porn star’s body based on watching porn. Also, some people freely choose to make porn. Do they get a say in whether all porn is halted? What gives you the right to demand that all porn be halted?

      I’m not trying to start a debate or anything, I’m just curious as to why there’s so much hate regarding porn.

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