Manuel Skye

Top Five Manuel Skye Scenes Of 2020 (So Far!)

Everyone needs a little Manuel Skye in their lives. He’s hot as fuck, he’s one of the best gay porn daddies around, and he’s got a perfect 9″ slab of meat! He is the moment!

We’re not the only ones obsessed with Manuel. The boys over at SayUncle have been putting him in their hot XXX scenes all year and now they’re even giving him an exclusive bonus channel within! So in honor of Manuel’s new channel, we’re counting down our five favorite Manuel x SayUncle scenes of the year!

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5) Business Trip

Manuel Skye’s stepson, Sean Peek, has been on a gay dating site trying to get guys to come over and fuck his little boy hole. To teach the boy not to talk to strangers, the old man enters the twink from behind before filling his mouth with semen. Watch the entire scene at DadCreep! 

4) Elder Hill: Hole Training

It’s been a busy week for Elder Hill as he has explored his sexuality more in the past few days than he has in his entire life. President Skye rams the boy and covers his asshole in cum, making sure he’s ready for any challenge that comes his way. Watch the entire scene at MissionaryBoys!

3) Adrian On The Rectory Stairs

Young Adrian Hill has a European look that makes the priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School tingle with excitement. He grunts as Father Skye pushes him against the wall and dips his girthy dick into his tight asshole, plowing him as hard as he can. Watch the entire scene at YesFather!

2) Empty those balls

Manuel Skye’s stepson, Jake Nobello, is getting ready to fool around with one of his friends, and the old man wants to make sure the boy can last. The big guy fucks his tight asshole, and the boy jerks himself until his balls are completely drained. Watch the entire scene at DadCreep!

1) Birthday Boy

When Manuel Skye barges into his stepson, Thyle Knoxx’s, room to surprise him for his birthday, he finds the twunk watching gay porn and touching himself on his bed! He wants to see what the boy has taught himself, so he licks his pulsing asshole and jerks his cock to get him ready for his big dick. Watch the entire scene at DadCreep!

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3 thoughts on “Top Five Manuel Skye Scenes Of 2020 (So Far!)”

  1. He’s overexposed, and his queeny acting is annoying as hell — and I regret saying that because his body is beautiful and his cumshots far superior to most.

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