Here Are The Top Ten Most Explicit Gay Movies Of The 2020s For Pride Month

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Pride Month is underway, and we’re bringing you ten must-watch movies that feature explicit gay scenes. But we’re not just talking NSFW gay sex scenes. We’re talking important gay movies from the 2020s that are destined to become queer classics. The 2020s turned up the heat on queer cinema. Full frontal nudity and unsimulated sex scenes aren’t just for erotic indies anymore. Even big named actors and studio-backed productions are waking up to the fact that the male body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. (See the new playlist with these full uncensored scenes here!)

Keep scrolling for Matt Bomer’s penis in the critically acclaimed Boys in the Band remake, naked teen soldiers in the shower together in Moffie (two of them have confusing desires for one another, spoiler), an actual jerk off scene in The Prince (complete with mind-altering cum shots), twin brothers having sex with each other in Saint-Narcisse (it’s the same actor playing two people, relax), a bunch of hung Israeli swimmers showering in The Swimmer, Billy Eichner’s groundbreaking R-rated romantic comedy, Bros, and so much more.

Josh Lavery, Lonesome (2022)

This highly acclaimed Australian movie currently has an impressive 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Josh Lavery plays a young gay man named Casey who flees his small town problems and lands in the arms of an experimental city boy. [See more]

Matt Bomer, The Boys In The Band (2020)

Netflix’s early pandemic watch kept Matt Bomer’s fans busy while quarantined. Bomer, who has teased his body in multiple roles including the iconic Magic Mike movies, finally went full frontal while showering in front of Jim Parsons. He has a big penis and a natural, hairy bush. As Gawd intended. This lauded remake doesn’t shy away from complex gay relationships or nudity. [See more]

Juan Carlos Maldonado, The Prince (2020)

The bold actor Juan Carlos Maldonado brings to life the story of a sexually adventurous young man whose sensibilities are awakened in prison by a man referred to as The Stallion. Maldonado helped to usher in the current era of no hold barred queer cinema with his multiple real cum shots. [See more]

Félix-Antoine Duval, Saint-Narcisse (2020)

Provocateur Bruce LaBruce outdid himself with his shocking drama Saint-Narcisse. Garnering near-universal praise from critics, Saint-Narcisse reimagines the Greek myth of Narcissus – about a man who falls in love with his own reflection. In this movie, however, Narcissus is actually two twin brothers who fall in love with each other. The movie cumulates in an intense gay sex scene, in which Félix-Antoine Duval plays both the top and the bottom. [See more]

Moffie (2020)

Taking place in oppressive 1980s South Africa, a questioning teen named Nicholas (Kai Luke Brummer) falls for another boy who he meets during his mandatory military service. This beautifully shot drama is as much about what you don’t see as what you do. You don’t see explicit gay action, but you do see a group of young men with alluring tan lines in the shower together. Put two and two together. [See more]

Apostles (2022)

As we stated, even the most explicit gay movies are no longer sidelined by critics. Famed Hong Kongese director Scud has made a name for himself for his atmospheric movies exploring themes related to homosexuality. Apostles – Scud’s final film – is his nudist yet, and depicts one dozen fully nude men gathered together by a philosopher on Mt. Fuji to answer life’s biggest questions. Same girl same. [See more]

Tom Prior & Oleg Zagorodnii, Firebird (2021)

Firebird made the rounds on the Gay Internet prior to being released, with everyone anticipating openly gay actor Tom Prior’s portrayal of a love-struck Soviet Union-era soldier. He falls for a Soviet Air Force pilot in the 1970s, and their love comes to life in multiple gay scenes. [See more]

Billy Eichner & Luke Macfarlane, Bros (2022)

Someone had to introduce the world to its first mainstream gay romantic comedy, and Billy Eichner was the man to do so. This first-ever major studio-backed production features unapologetically gay scenes, like this fourway with Billy, his love interest Luke, and two very hot men. [See more]

The Swimmer (2021)

Another gay movie garnering fantastic reviews, The Swimmer is about an out Israeli swimmer who must hide his identity when training at a camp for Olympic hopefuls. It’s not an easy feat when he’s surrounded by fully nude swimmers who love to express their masculinity in, shall we say, confusing ways. [See more]

Alfonso Barón & Gaston Re, The Blonde One (2020)

This intimate gay love story is about two men who move in together as roommates. Soon the lingering glances and subtle touches prove to be too much for the men to handle, and they end up hooking up in some very erotic gay scenes. Full frontal nudity ensues. [See more]

[See more uncensored celebrity nudity here]


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