Aaron Taylor-Johnson Naked

Twitter Is Thristing Over Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Monster Johnson

We at The Sword want to wish a very happy (and day late) birthday to Avengers: Age of Ultron actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson! The hunky celeb celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday and the internet decided to help him celebrate by constantly talking about his big ol’ wiener for 24 hours straight.

The gawking over this man’s cock started early Sunday when a tweet from the popular entertainment news Twitter account @PopCrave asked its followers to list off their favorite Aaron Taylor-Johnson performance. While many took the prompt seriously and listed off their favorite movies from the actor, others decided to get pervy and only talk about the man’s nude role in the 2018 drama A Million Little Pieces.

So many people were tweeting their own versions of the above tweet that my timeline was stuffed full of Aaron’s dick for the entirety of yesterday. Not that I’m complaining though! That man has a nice piece of meat between his legs and if anything, it’s just making me more excited to see what my timeline will look like on his birthday next year.

Take a look at some more of his cock shots below and if you want to watch the full scenes of Aaron’s massive member swinging around, you can check them out here. 


5 thoughts on “Twitter Is Thristing Over Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Monster Johnson”

  1. I thought he was a stunningly beautiful man, well, boy, when I first saw him in a role. I guess his appearance in costume as Kick-Ass wasn’t special effects, though I would think he would want to do a better job of protecting his junk while being a hero… He really needed a cup. Then he appears completely naked, and my adoration grows. Physically he could make me very happy. Then I imagine that if he is a grower and not a shower, he has certainly always had big dick energy from everything I have ever seen. Lucky, lucky man.

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