Two Good Things To Come Out Of The Guys Next Door

Despite that oral orgy scene centered around Stay Puft, there are at least two other Guys Next Door scenes that are not an embarrassment to gay sex, and that’s of course thanks to two of my boyfriends, Paul Wagner Sire and Donny Wright.

Donny’s poolside scene with Brandon Lewis is here, and Paul’s flip-fuck with Rod “Birther” Daily is here, and they are both worth masturbating to. I would’ve preferred something with just Paul and Donny, but I never get my way ever, so what else is new.

Here’s what interests me, obviously:

Clip from Paul and Rod:

[Falcon: Rod Daily & Paul Wagner Flip-Fuck]


Free Donny Wright and Brandon Lewis trailer here.

12 thoughts on “Two Good Things To Come Out Of <em>The Guys Next Door</em>”

  1. When did Donny-Wright start working for [ Next-Door ] again I thought he stop working for them awhile ago has he gone back to work for Next-Door.What has his contract with falcon-videos has come to a end now he back at Next-Door doing work for them how sad for him because I know he can do better than their porn company.Just saying!

  2. A good cuddler? Yes, that what I look for when I am jerking my dick to porn. I mean honestly some of these comments sound like postings on tiger beat. Not gay men getting off to porn.

    1. Tired of the bullshit

      Hey, what’s wrong with tiger beat type comments? nothing. It’s not just sex that makes me a fan, it’s the whole package, including the thought that he’s a great cuddler.

  3. Two gorgeous guys who at one time I could not have cared about but after many scenes and pix that have come out, I love and want to slurp all over both men so much.
    I think Anthony Romero is pretty fucking hot too but he is not listed here..

  4. Tired of the bullshit

    You’re right a scene with Paul and Donny would be hot! (already getting hard at the thought of that)…..

  5. I recently viewed a profile Paul has on realjock – turns out he was recruiting for NDS!
    So maybe there is a glimmer of hope!

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