“Vito” Proof Majority

While Sean is making a big deal out of Vito’s accent, for most people, the arrival of Justin Trudeau’s gay porn doppelganger is the real news here.

Vito is a hockey-playing 22-year-old who has mastered the art of the Sean Cody pronoun game. He’s handsome. His body hasn’t been met with the trimmers, and he’s got a cut six-incher that twice demonstrates it’s in good working order.

He’s a looker, that’s for sure where some of the recent Mondays flavors haven’t been. Sean Cody’s forgets that gay guys don’t play games with their sexuality. But they sure are working hard to preserve the possibility that Vito may be back.

vito sean codyVito knows the value of a sexy accent. His sounds like a New York native who grew up in a Wisconsin town close to the Canadian border. He uses that in his real life as a conversation ice-breaker. As if his smile and charisma wasn’t enough.

vito sean cody“I’m definitely into ass play. But I think I see myself as more of a top,” he says in a line that was either fed to him … or one he’s feeding to us.

vito sean codyI’m still waiting for the right person to eat my hole.” Right person … yep, it’s the pronoun game.

vito sean cody“So the kind of porn that I really like is usually more the same-sex type.” Why do I have the feeling his definition of jerkable “same-sex” porn is girl-on-girl?

vito sean cody“If I meet someone online, I’ll usually wait at least a week before I sent nudes or a dick shot.”

vito sean codyI love watching solo scenes — which is kind of what turned me on about this.” And in return, Sean Cody once again shows some of their best filming happens only in solos these days. But this, for the second Monday in a row, has some excellent and usually omitted all together ass shots, we’ll take it.

[Watch Vito at Sean Cody]

Granted Sean Cody has spent the fall bringing back the wrong models for action scenes, but this one, I wouldn’t mind seeing again. What about you?

1 thought on ““Vito” Proof Majority”

  1. Recently I’ve been getting increasingly impressed with GayHoopla. Sure their production values are still as crap as they always were; but they have been producing some interesting and enjoyable scenes on a regular basis which is more than could be said for both Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher combined!

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